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Summer's Here.. Training Hard..


Hey Folks,

At least I'm free, I've been busy for the last several months and have been trying my best to hit the gym 2-3 days per week working on mostly compound lifts, not wasteing time as I didn't have much..Now I'm free and have till the end of August to train any day I want, Still Aiming to keep imporving Hypertrophy and Strengh!

What I've been doing is:
Sun: Chest - Shoulders
Mon: Legs - Abs
Tue: Back - Arms

I'm here to get some thoughts and options on what I should do for training, 4/5 Days per week? Upper/Lower? Splits? Major Muscle Group per day?

I like volume, I love the burn...



Post your routine?


I don't have a spefic routine as each week my circumstances change with barriers to exercise . I work with DOMS as an indicator to myself that I've had a good workout.

Exercises I would normaly follow: Either 4x8 or 10/8/6/6!
Bent over Row
Seated Row
Lat Pull

DB Incline Bench
Incline Flys

Leg Press
Calf Raises

Standing Military Press
Seated Press
Lateral + Front Raises (SS)
Trap Work (Shurgs, thoracic spine, overheads)

Like I've been doing but more spread, for example I'd prefer to hit one major muscle group each day rather than the two, Chest or Shoulders, with more volume ofcourse, Then again I could still do what I'm doing but organise it so that i'm doing them twice a week instead of once, so higher volume wouldn't be needed.

I've looked at Christian's OVT weekly workout and it lookds good to me but I'm not sure.

OVT: Optimized Volume Training
(Christian Thibaudeau)


This right here says "FAIL". Sorry, but you can't just be a summer warrior and expect good long lasting results.


With the barriers to exercise I've had during the last several months, I was only able to train 2 to 3 days in the gym alone, I had other things too such as Thai and Football! Those barriers are now away, I'm not a summer warrior, I' want to use my time wisly, 12-18 higher volume cycle and once I got back to uni in september I'll be changing the cycle again then anyway.

Jezz, I'm only looking for advice on a 4-5 day workout...


Definitely seems like a good idea for you, especially since you said you didn't really have an exact plan for your workouts before, following something like that where it outlines pretty much exactly what you need to do would be great.

Also you could check out CT's beast building articles, could do the whole 12 weeks if you wanted to.


Thanks mate, i've never read that one, I think I'll try this...