Summer Workouts

ok heres my plan for summer workouts. once i get back to school i have wieght lifting as a class so i want to have a productive 12 weeks. heres my general plan:

first 4 weeks: westside for skinny bastards, combined with jumprope conditioning/mile runs/400 meter sprints for conditioning/GPP, for abs im going to be using ab training for athletes and babe hounds 2k3

next 3 weeks: im planning on doing fat to fire 1 but i have no squat rack so can anyone suggest a substitute for squats? dumbell lunges maybe?

next 4 weeks: EDT

or should i maybe only do EDT for 2 weeks and do something else for the remaining 3?

my main goal is to lose fat and gain muscle… i plan on gaining muscle w/ WSSB and then losing some fat while keeping it with fat to fire… and maybe gaining a little more muscle while improving or maintaining my body comp w/ EDT any critiques or suggestions are welcome…

by the way my stats:

15 yrs old
154 lbs
body fat %= have no idea
been training for about 1 yr at school
max lifts:

bench 160 lbs
squat 215x20 (we only did 20 rep squats at school)
safety squat: 440x4
deadlift: 225x4 (my worst lift out of the big 3)
military: 115
incline: 115
clean and jerk: 135x2
Snatch: 115x3

Not to steal your thread or anything, but what school do you go to that has weight lifting?
My school had weights but we weren’t allowed to use them at all.

So you don’t have to follow a plan made by your teachers then,at least I assume, I thought most classes would make you follow the same pattern as everyone else.

Maybe your school is just way cooler than mine was.

I would just say that since EDT is a 4 week program, you should probably do it for the full 4 weeks, but being as how this is at school, will you have enough time for the chryotherapy? and will they let you bring in supplements to ingest during class?

Those are just my thoughts.


Timmy89,congratulations for your performance ! Concerning your “next 3 weeks” you may use barbell or db lunges (see Cressey’s Adductor paper) or the one leg squat (see Joe De Franco’s “Training economy”).


EDT Yah :slight_smile: I’ll be doi nEDT after i’m done this current program I’m on. But my school had weight training and it was cool the teacher/football coach liked me cuase I would be the only one liftin and then people would look and sometimes get motivated to lift to cause I would evolve and they would stay lookin the same but. In regards to your 400m training be sure you dont only run stuff like 400meters all the time, like you gotta cut it down to like 350’s 300’s 200’s like doing 2 or 3 of either cuase your not tryin to make the olympics so you dont gotta go all out just make sure your comin in in a decent time. Cause you can feel like your running hard and be going slow so try to get some time tables for yourself to beat.

Dave: i do have to follow a general program set out to the rest of the students but its a fairly good program whihc i made impressive gains on last year and they will let you do you own thing if you want to (football coaches just love football players :-))

thanx for the suggestions on what to replace squats with on fat to fire… any more critiques are welcome…

ohh and i dont think i can bring supplements into class but i could take them during lunch or after school

ohh and i forgot to mention i will be doing these workouts at home not at school… its about 12 weeks of summer till school starts… and once i get back to school i will have access to a squat rack and will probably do their workout in edition to some wastside style GPP

thanx for the replies thus far

Your stats are very good for some one your age. Judging by your stats I?d keep building the foundation by sticking to a program that combine?s strength/ hypertrophy, EDT would be a wise choice. You do not need to switch off EDT you could stay on EDT the whole summer with changes every 6-12 weeks. By the way stick to big compound movements (squat, deadlift, bench press, pull-up, ext., ext). Hope that helps.

thanks for the suggestions, dave, boss, all the rest of you… i might also need to work out at home during one semester next year as im not sure if ill have weight training all year or not… so anyone have any suggestions on workouts during a 3 month period?? i will also have track and a little bit of wrestling season during this period

Ohh yeah once nice thing about EDT that I like is when your at home somtimes you can lose motivation to lift but with EDT its no excuse cause waht I did was make a workout that lasted 10 minutes so I could be in and done just like that!

Consider doing deadlifts for when you don’t have access to a squat rack. Follow those up with a one-legged quad movement (step-up, lunge, split squat) and I think you’ll have your lower body covered.

They great thing about the Westside template is that once you’re done with your ME or DE exercise, you can do your assistance work how you see fit. For instance, you can modify WSSB by working up to a 3-5RM in the main lift, and use EDT for the assistance work. This will help you keep maximal strength.

thanx mike! i never realized that westside was so variable… i think i might start using the template for all of my workouts… any ideas on other good programs (besides EDT)to use in conjunction with WS DE and ME?

At your current body weight, and age I would stay away from the fat to fire program, because you need to gain some weight…ASAP. You could use the WSSB for your core movments and edt for assistance like Mike said, and do some rope work and weighted/non-weighted GPP ala Coach Davies.
Have Fun

Will42- my main goal is to maintain my bodyweight or even lose some while improving my body composition. This is because im a wrestler and I wand to compete in the 145 lb weight class… maybe 152 if i can get to that weight and be solid. I want to lose the little “love handles” that i have as well… this was the purpose of my considering fat to fire… but i would like others opinions, if any of the knowledgeable people on this forum would like to comment on my program choices like Will42 did the feedback will be considered and i appreciated.