Summer workout...

Hey everyone. Right now Im trying to plan out what to do this summer. Im 20 yrs old, 6’4", & 200lbs. My question is what would be the best routine for me to do? Im looking to stack on at least 15-20lbs of lean mass. Im gonna be taking glutamine, creatine, and cycling Mag 10 with Tribex-500 Pro-Testosterone Formula, and M Anti-Estrogen/Testosterone-Support Formula. Would EDT be the best routine for me? Is there any other routines you guys would suggest? Thanks for the input!

Having you considered taking supplements to augment your routine? You seem to be doing it backwards. I think supps only make 5% difference if you’re lucky.

Definitely agree with that. Supplements are secondary. I was originally planning on doing EDT for my routine, but wanted to see if you guys had any better suggestions for me. I just threw the supplements in to give everyone a better idea of what Im looking to do which is to gain a lot of lean muscle mass. just thought Id clear that up.

Mag-10 will make a hell of alot more than a 5% difference if you plan right. Read “Mag-10 Plan for Success” Article here at T-mag.

There is more than one way to skin a cat. Just make sure to concentrate on compound movements and keep the volume up.