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Summer Workout Program For Strength

Next week will be the end of my Spring semester here at college. With the summer arriving I will have much more time to devote to my workout program, FINALLY!! Right know I am using the WS4SB program and have gotten great results from it. The only thing now is that my body has finally adapted to the program and I am not seeing any more gains. I am thinking about starting GVT or maybe TBT, but have not really decided.

My main goal is to gain as much strength over the summer as possible. What program do you guys think would be the best for me to gain some strength???

9% BF

Man, there’s a lot to choose from.

If your main goal is strength, GVT and TBT aren’t the best options out there. Since you’re already following a Westside-based program, why not just move on to one of the “real” Westside templates? Your strength gains will be much better than on a hypertrophy program like GVT or TBT.

Regular West side is good. Thib’s newsletter articles have some good stuff on athletic prep/strength.
I love ascending/descending training from Thib and the athletic plan from his newsletter/2nd book, Modern trends.

Chad’s strength stuff has a lot to choose from…Strength Focused Mesocycle/Next Big 3/ Primed for Muscle /Art of Waterbury /Waterbury Method programs.

Mike Robertson hgas a good template for athlete in his “designer athlete” article.

Thanks for the input!