Summer Starts Now!


AGE: 23


Grow! Whey



4 minute jog 6 incline 6 speed
20 dips 8 pull ups 12 chest press 12 inverted rows

4 minute walk 15 incline 2.7 speed
3 x 3 bench 205lbs 20 dips 12 pull ups

4 minute jog speed 6
8 hack squats

stretch 15 minutes. hip flexors and hamstrings.

as im writing this i feel tingling in my feet and my hands. new capillaries yessssss
its been too since ive done something even remotely close to a cardio workout. i feel good. obviously my cardio was very poor but i def pushed through it. i accredit that non stop mentality to 6 years of wrestling. you can always push harder. it doesn’t look like much but i did not take any breaks in between. i was doing something similar to rich franklin where he’s running from machine to machine. i plan on doing something similar tomorrow… heck, i might just keep doing this for the whole month… we’ll see what the mirror and scale says.

note* bench felt much stronger after 8 minutes of uphill jogging…


40 minutes

jog uphill sprints walking


4 minute walk/jog

face pulls
hack squat

1/4 mile run 3 incline 6 speed

bench press
chest press

1/4 mile run

pull ups
jump squats

1/4 mile run

walking lunges
incline press
back extension

1/4 mile run 3 incline 5 speed


all the exercises were performed without rest. explosive movement. 12 - 15 reps. only rest was walking to the treadmill from the weights.

Welcome back, Zeus. Is this your new log now? How’d finals go for you?

[quote]Sayjin wrote:
Welcome back, Zeus. Is this your new log now? How’d finals go for you?[/quote]

yep, its about that time… abs season is just around the corner. and lets not speak about my finals ever again lol.


45lbs 1 x 12
135lbs 1 x 6
225lbs 1 x 3
315lbs 2 x 3
405lbs 1 x 1
405lbs 1 x 2

225lbs 1 x 5
245lbs 2 x 3 NEW PR

205lbs 1 x 8
216lbs 3 x 6

240lbs 1 x 5
260lbs 2 x 5

it seems that my bench got stronger out of nowhere. deads are staggering around 405lbs, but tonight was the first time i went for two reps. Why such high weight when im cutting? i want to keep my strength. i figure one day out of the week, doing high weights will keep my cns and kinetic chain in check. kinda like a reminder? hard to explain.

had some crab stew, sushi, and korean food afterwards. seafood def fucks with your libido. i wanted to do my girlfriend right in the car. thats a good thing righ?



deads 12
jump squats 12
elevated push ups 20
one arm snatch 8 each arm

4 sets
1 min rest in between

10 min ab routine
1 set bench 185lbs 8 reps


holy crap, i havent worked out in a week!!

5 minute incline walk (6incline 3speed)
1 minute incline run (6incline 8 speed)

225lbs 5 x 5
135lbs 4 x 8

135lbs 1 x 6

boxing (heavybag) for 10 minutes

shoulder presses and curls with 25lbs db

and got a new tatt this weekend check it out


225lbs 6 x 5

pull ups
5 with 45lbs
5 regular
5 kip ups

3 sets

also 225lbs 5x5 on past friday


95lbs 1 x 5
135lbs 1 x 5
225lbs 2 x 5
245lbs 1 x 5
265lbs 1 x 5
275lbs 1 x 5 NEW PR

225lbs —> 275lbs in 2 weeks

sparring 5 minutes


overhead squats into barbell curls
65lbs 6 x 6

atg squats
225lbs 5 x 5

heavy bag in between sets

legs getting stronger and stronger
i realized that my arms are extra weak. might be because i dont work them directly enough.

weight @ 156lbs not bad for a low calorie diet.

vitamin E+multivitaminwithomega3+fish oil+vitamin B complex = fucking potent

energy is through the roof.

protein shake recipe

handful of blueberries
2 large bananas
12oz milk
2 heaping scoops of Grow! Whey

anddddd thats it. better than caffeine i tell ya

and some words of wisdom…
do not take unisom with milk


back is wayyyyy too sunburned to do squats
so instead…

unilateral barbell preacher curls
30lbs 3 x 8

bw 1 x 25
+40lbs 1 x 15
+40lbs 1 x 12
+70lbs 1 x 12
+70lbs 1 x 10

EZ bar curls
60lbs 1 x 12 (pass to partner)
1 x 10 pass
1 x 8 pass
1 x 4 pass
couldnt do 6 on last set

rope extensions (triceps)
60lbs 2 x 5
30lbs 1 x 12
70lbs 1 x 6
40lbs 1 x 8
60lbs 1 x 5

unilateral extensions
30 - 60lbs 8 - 15 reps

went over to a friends and her mom cooked 1lbs of steak, some chicken, seaweed soup (cold), rice, korean radish, and dried and salted seaweed… all for me. came home and shat my brains out. it was sooooo worth it.

note* working arms is not satisfying at all.
cant wait to get back into those heavy ass squats. well, heavy for me.



180lbs 1 x 8
220lbs 1 x 5
240lbs 1 x 5
260lbs 1 x 5

seated rows

180lbs 1 x 8
220lbs 1 x 8
240lbs 1 x 5
260lbs 1 x 5

bent over single arm rows

75lbs 4 x 6


135lbs 1 x 12
225lbs 2 x 5
245lbs 1 x 5
265lbs 1 x 5
275lbs 2 x 4

barbell curls
90lbs 6 x 6


pull ups
6 x 3 explosives with hammer grip, prone, and supinated grip

65lbs 4 x 8


315lbs 5 x 5

boxing drills and heavy bag in between sets

single arm preachers with barbell
30lbs 3 x 8

rope extensions
60lbs 6 x 6

was too tired on monday :
deadlifts whoooooped my ass today. i was on the third set contemplating whether it would be a good idea to keep going. i couldn’t waste today, especially cuz i missed monday. i ripped out the last two sets, and frankly it wasn’t all that bad.


single arm preachers with barbell
30lbs 3 x 8

and then i did some shit with 25lbs db’s
curls, presses, raises

beach this weekend so i figured that i get an extra boost on these guns :smiley:

workout tomorrow? perhaps… its gonna be a loonnngggg weekend though… hmm


225lbs 4 x 5
275lbs 1 x 5
295lbs 1 x 1
315lbs 1 x 1 PR!!!
335lbs 1 x 1 (slight spot)

200lbs 1 x 8
240lbs 1 x 8

shoulder presses
100lbs 3 x 8

bw 2 x 25
bw + 50lbs 1 x 10
bw + 55lbs 1 x 10

tHREE plates baby!!!



pull ups throughout the day

80lbs 3 x 6

bench press
135lbs 3 x 12

incline push ups
3 x 12

225lbs 1 x 6

all done interval style

overhead tricep ext
30lbs? 3 x 12

side raises on cable
30lbs? 3 x 10

rope extensions
50lbs 2 x 10

jump rope/situps
30 second interval
3 sets