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Summer Squat and Bench Press Max

I decided to go back to my roots and do some powerlifting for the summer. I designed my own 10 week program and worked off projected percentages up to a 495 squat and a 370 benchpress. I haven’t deadlifted yet due to some injuries that pushed back the training. That will come soon though and will probably be around 505-525. I weigh about 185lbs in each video. I was hoping for a higher squat but both lifts are personal records at my current bodyweight. Just posting for the heck of it. I have many other videos in my profile of lifts done in years past and immediately after these if you are interested

here’s the press, what should I shoot for next?

500 and 375.

Thanks for at least one persons input. I was thinking for 515 on squat and 375 on bench. I would like to eventually do a raw meet (belt only) and shoot for a 1400 total. I think this would be most probable at 515, 350, 535. I would have to really make sure I hit depth and can pause the bench at that weight.

Good stuff, keep it up

nice bench