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Summer social

T-folk, a martial arts forum I used to subscribe to held an annual event, what they called a “Cyber-cue.” Basically, the forum members worked out amongst themselves a semi-convenient date & location to get together for a barbecue, to work out together, to have some fun & to put faces to their forum buddies. I just throw it out for consideration. If any are interested, maybe someone would volunteer to organize one in his or her neck of the woods.

Call me crazy, but I think it is a good idea. Anybody up for something in Northern California, specifically the Bay Area?

Well, Jason: Ko and I live in Portland, OR, so a jaunt down to N. Cali would be very “economically” inviting for us. But I betcha the majority of T-Mag forum regulars live on the East coast - (NY, Boston, Philli, etc.) as well as up in Toronto - right?

If that's the case, a central area would be good. And then someone could call airlines and find out which airline would be willing to give a group discount for anyone goin to this shindig. And then contact hotel chains to find out if which one was willing to do the same thing (cuz I'm sure many would need to stay overnight....). Oh and maybe a travel agent willing to put a li'l package together specifically for the "T-Mag Social BBQ" - or something.

I'm not volunteering, just throwing out some ideas. But I'm always up for a BBQ. YUMMY! Oh, there's gonna be beer at this thing, too - RIGHT?

I think a BioBash would be a good idea. Maybe the gang at BioTest would be interested in having a gathering in Co. Since they aren’t currently doing shows it would be a great way to meet them and everyone else.

Good idea. I nominate T-Rev as the organizer. :slight_smile:

I’d be in…It would be awesome if we could get some people from T-mag there also. And, I vote for CO. I’m from St. Louie, so the plane ride would be quick…

hey this is a great idea. since t-mag is in colo springs, why not have it in denver? (besides the fact that i live here) it is a relatively central location, and there are some pretty cheap airfares into DIA. in fact, i just emailed the CEO of fronteir airlines to see if there is a group discount or something (its good to have connections.)

Never been to Colorado, but I’m up for it. Any good places to set something up like this in Biotest/T-mag land?

Once we pick a spot, I suppose that we have to pick a date. I'm sure that will be easy :)

absolutely there are some great places in colo. to hold it. if we do decide to hold it in denver or in colo, i would be more than happy to do as much as possible to help organize it. when and if we decide to do this, i will even look into someone to sponsor our grocery bill (whew thats a lot of chicken breasts…ive seen the length of the “getting ripped support group” thread). but yeah let me know what i have to do. i have plenty of time now that i am on summer break. just give me the word.

I’ve thought for a long time that this would be a great idea. Of course, I want the thing held in Japan…

I would definitely contact a travel agent and have them look into a variety of packages (air/hotel) with group discounts. Also, there are quite a few college students that are forum regulars and college students can rec’v nice travel discounts in some cases.

Maybe Biotest would be willing to let there name be used (or become a definite sponsor), so that discounts for "food stuffs" would be possible? Also, some type of camera (possibly both digital and video) to record this "event" would be cool as well as to archive on the web.

Sounds like a great idea. Colorado sounds like an ideal place too. Good, central location and probably not too expensive to fly to from most places.

Colorado sounds good to me. Shoot for a Saturday all day BBQ at a good place to play some basketball, volleyball, softball, bocce ball, etc., whatever and I think you could get a fair amount of people to attend. Cap it off with a speech from some of the T-Mag crew (and some free Surge - we can hope right?) and it would be a pretty sweet day.

well most people seem to be agreeing with denver. i live in a denver suburb,(about 15 minutes from denver, 45 from t-mag headq’s) and there is a HUGE park about 100 yards from my house. there are volleyball courts, basketball courts, 5 bbq’s (and a few places to plug in the forman grill) and the best thing…frolf (frisbee golf.) if you guys would like, i could stop by a few of the hotels within walking distance and see what kind of group discounts everyone could receive. unfortunetely i could not get a discount from frontier airlines, but like patricia said, there are plenty of group discounts avalible. let me know what else i can do to help

ok assuming this is taking place in denver, i forgot to say that the park is on the base of the foothills for those of you that like to hike, and anyone who wont have a car just call JC the chauffer

I appreciate your confidence in my organizational skills, but two things stand in my way this year: first, I live in Cleveland, & who wants to come here? Second, I’ve got trips to Michigan, Alaska & Florida over the next several weeks & scarcely have time to organize my desk, much less anything else. I must respectfully decline the nomination. Another time. [(:-)# >+

I think Cleevland is a GREAT idea! I could drive to the party! Unless someone is going to donate some tickets to my poor ass I’m not flying out to Colorado!!!

Hey this “BBQ get togethere” sounds like a great idea, hope you guys can pull it off! It would be even better if I could attend of course, mmm I’ll be looking for a sponsor for air-tickets from Australia as soon as its a done deal. GOOD LUCK!

Just wonderin’…


I’m still up for something, but a national T-mag get together is going to be pretty tough, unless Biotest/T-mag sponsers and advertises something.

Anther thought would be to do a regional get together. Just a thought. Hey, with Patricia, KO and I, we got a start to the Northwest T-mag chapter :)