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Summer Sausage ,good P+F snack ?

It always comes out around this time of year and I like it but never ate to much because I always thought it was to fat laden.

highly processed cured/preserved meats are not good to eat.

If you feel the need to get some summer sausage I would suggest not getting it from your average everyday supermarket. As Morg stated highly processed junk.

Find a good butcher. You can get them to make a batch up for you. This way you can be in charge of the ingredients used. It will be of great quality (as long as you choose it to be)and most likely the best summer sausage you have ever eaten.

I have had this done several times with deer.


Phill is right, ask your butcher. Not only will it be healthier, it will taste much better. You’ll never go back to regular sausage again.