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Summer Progress

I’m keeping this thread to track my progress and get some feedback. Two weeks ago I was around 212 and recomped down to 202. I just finished the first ramp of BBB 4x a week. I tried the 6x a week months ago and burned out. I’ll be training 2 years in the middle of August. By the end of August I want to have bulging forearm veins at 205.

Here’s 2 weeks ago

Here are some pics I took around August 1st. I weigh around 206 now and am significantly leaner than before and slightly bigger measurements in my chest arms and legs.



Been getting stronger
198 bodyweight
500 deadlift, 486 in competition
455 squat (with wraps), 405 in competition (missed 440 out of the hole)
265 bench, 255 in competition

trying to stay in the 198 class till I’m 20. (July)

Main goals by August (3 years lifting):
550 deadlift (national record is 535)
495 squat
315 bench

Here’s my back right now, it looks weird to me though. I think I need more mass in my traps to be more symmetrical.

bringing tris chest and delts up. 185 lbs

Tris blow



177 today

So there is a tested bodybuilding show 2 weeks before I turn 20. I’m pretty certain I’d do well against other natural teens. The only problem is that it is 9 weeks from now. Any insight on this would be appreciated!

173 now

Nice progress! You should do the show, at least get your feet wet. As far as diet that is really an individual thing, its an amateur show not many will have that dialed down. Just work on your posing remember to smile, flare you lats, act like you own the stage, and backstage be either cocky as hell hitting big poses in the mirror. Or avoid the competitors be the quiet weapon with a hoodie on in the corner. There really is a lot more to it then coming in big and lean. Your a solid dude good luck.

Thanks for the advice bro!

I’m getting set up with a prep coach that was recommended to me by a friend so I can come in pealed.
From 5/23…A little over 7 weeks out

165 @ 5 weeks out

161 @ 3.5 weeks out

163 @ 2.5 weeks out


Excellent changes in a short timespan! Good luck with the show, how old are you anyway?

Thanks Jake!


I turned 20 on the 19th!