Summer Program

Hey guys,

I just finished finals and am back at home finally. The last few weeks of school, I have slacked off in my diet and training. I’m going to start a program on Monday. My goals are strength, lowered body fat composition, speed/jumping, flexibility…this is in the order of importance for me.

I was thinking of doing the growth surge project for 6 weeks, followed by 6 weeks of westside/renegade training. Seeing that I have 3 bottles of mag-10, 2 bottles of M, and two bottles of Tribex, I think I’ll start this towards the end of the summer. Anybody struggling with what routine they are going to pick out for the summer?

Yea i have the same problem. But my main goal is fat loss. I am gonna try CT’s OVT for 8 weeks, with HIIT on off days. Trying to get a beast transformation like CT. However I am taking accutane, and no money so no hotrox/mag 10. But if i stick to my program I feel i will do great! I do need help on my diet, any suggestions?

Actually, now I am thinking of doing 6 weeks of westside/renegade/sprints, while eating extremely clean througout the day, and getting most of my carbs post workout.

Mon- Heavy Squat+ supplemental exercises
Tue- Sprints
Wed- Explosive Bench+ supp. exercises
Thu- Non Weighted GPP+ farmer’s walks
Fri- Explosive Squat/Deadlift+ supp. ex.
Sat- Jumprope/Light Sprints
Sun- Heavy Bench+ supp. ex.

I’ll take a full day of rest every 10 days. I am going to take creatine and protein during this 6 week period.

After this 6 weeks, I think I’ll take about a week to max in my lifts and do some light lifting.

Then I think I’ll do another six weeks of Westside/Renegade/Sprints. I am going to eat according to the growth surge recommendations (phase 2). I will take two weeks of mag-10, two weeks of tribex/m, two weeks of mag-10, and two weeks of tribex and m. I guess I’ll take creatine the whole summer too.

Does anyone have any recommendations or comments on this split or anything else I am missing?


Switch Wed and Sun.

Looks good man, but remember nutrition is the key.

I think I will switch Wed. and Sun.

Also, do you think I will overtrain with this program eating maintenance calories and taking creatine. I really don’t think I will.

It depends upon your body’s ability to recover(which only you know) and your schedule outside of lifting. Personally, the sprints, coupled with two lower body days, and no days of complete rest would probably take its toll on me unless I was eating everything in site, definitely not something I could do while eating below maintenance for sure, and with that workload, you maintenance calories will probably be higher than you think. Other than that, it looks good. I would think that the jumproping could go under the non-weighted GPP though, but I don’t think it would make any difference in the effectiveness of the program.