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Summer Prep for A Student Athlete


First of all, I just wanna say hi... so... HI! I've been reading here for awhile, but this is the first time I'm posting. I just wanted to post my plan, maybe get some critizism or comments ect...


Age: 15
Grade: Sophmomre (In highschool... der)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180lbs
BF%: 21.2% (this was takin' back in September, I'm getting a new reading... tommorrow actually!)
Sports: Football(O-line/D-line, I prefer D-line), Winter Track (55m, 300m), Spring Track (100m, 200m, 4x100m) Note: Winter track is more of a "get in shape for spring" dealy. I take both Football and Track seriously.
100m Dash: 12.8s
200m Dash: 26.6s
40m: Unknown

Overall explosive strength for Football.
Speed: 100m: 12.4s
200: 26.4s
40m: ???
(Note: I'll give Bench/Squat/DL goals after I get some max numbers)
BF %: 15%-18% (Really as low as I can get reasonably, any lost [useless] weight is good for my poor shins...)

Are these goals reasonable, or totally out of reach?

Diet: Working my way towards a better one. Starting by removing all the crapola, which is hard to do cause' I eat school food :P. Moving my way to 4-5 meals a day, high protein ect... I'll post a day out of the journal later.

As of now I'm in Track, and that takes care of my cardio completely. My coach is a smart guy, he ran 200m in the olympics, and he's got great form advice and is updated about dynamic stretching ect... (Its great having a smart up-to-date coach, most teams have some admin tellin' em' to run :D)

Equiptment: Bench + Crappy old BB with 100lbs (including bar). Bleh, I know. But when summer comes, I'm gonna leach on my dads Y membership.

ATM: Doing 3 days a week, fullbody. Mixing a matching excercises depending one the day. 3 x 8 for most of them, I just don't have the weight to do any lower reps, plus I figure this is good enough to ease me in to weight lifting.


Bench Press (Various Grips/incline/decline depending on day)
Front Squat/Hack Squat (depends on pain on shoulders/clavicle, If there is pain, am I doing them wrong? I've seen vids, and I think I'm doing it right)
Bent Rows
Dorsifelxors (Shin Splints)
Chins (I can't do a pull-up yet)
Various Abdominals (Dragon Fliers, Russian Twists, ect...)
Deadlifts/Romanian/Stiff legged

I'm currently working on my Clean, but its kinda hard cause my weight coach isn't in state ATM. I'm using the article posted a little while back as of now. (Form only, no weight on bar as of now).

As of Summer, I'm thinking of starting WSfSB part II, as its meant for Football prep anyways. I'll have access to the Y by then, so that should help. I'd like to incorperate O-lifts though, as the Clean looks like a lot of fun :D. I'm also planning to start up at an MA again. I did TKD for years, but kinds drifted of it for awhile, but I really enjoy it and wanna get back into it.

As you can all see, all of my sports preferences require explosive power, so I guess that should be my biggest goal? Max strength is most important, but should that build my explosiveness as well?

Questions? Comments? Wanna hit me over the head with a shovel for saying something stupid? Go right ahead, I'm a young impressionable lifter and I need all the help I can get.

I appreciate all the help I can get, and I promise I'll be back with a food journal entry and some benc/squat/DL max's, as well an updated BF% and a 40 time. Maybe some pics if I can get up the courage to ask some one to take them (I have no idea how to use the timer function, or if there is one on my digital camera).

Extra Stuff for my intro:

Movie: Fight Club (Brad Pitts only good movie IMHO)
Music: ALmost everything. I'm into Fort Minor, Papoose, and a bunch of Japanese bands as of now.
TV: House, Prison Break, Sports in general (though I dislike Basketball right now), and a bunch of anime (yes... I'm a nerd at heart. A manly nerd! The ULTRA NERD!)
Book: Ender's Shadow/Game series's.

Thanks for reading my thread!


just leaving a comment....are you going to play jv as a junior next year or try for varsity?....if varsity i think you should try moving to safety because bein under 200lbs isn't gonna cut it for d-line especially o-line...well you seem to know sorta what to do lol well i wouldnt know much more since im only 17 but ive been playin varsity since i was a freshmen...yeah an i just wanna tell ya to just take it easy with the weights cuz alot of kids try doing to much tryin to get buff to fast an it can really mess you up yeah ive had my own experiences....well good luck with everything


First-off, this looks pretty damn good for a beginner program.

Couple of random thoughts/suggestions:

1.) Go get some more weights. You should be able to pick-up another 50 pounds of plates for about $30 if you can find a used gear dealer. Otherwise you can often find a $100 300 pound Olympic barbell set at many major sporting-goods stores.

2.) Explosive power should be a major goal for you, and while Olympic Lifts are great for this, ANY lift can be done explosively. Just use a lighter weight than you'd normally use and lift as fast as you can for 8-12 reps. Keep good form, but lift it fast.

3.) A 3X8 program will get you some muscle-mass gains while you're just beginning, but within a couple months you'll want to switch that up. Try alternating workouts with 5X5 (heavy) and 3X10 (light but fast)

4.) Squats, deadlifts and lunges are more important than bench-press or rowing. Do the lower-body stuff first in your workout. Make sure it will get you more results anyway.

5.) Look for some ankle/wrist weights for adding some extra resistance to Russian Twists and Dragon Fliers. Working your core-body is key for football, don't neglect it.

Aside from that, welcome to T-Nation.


I gasped when I read that you weigh that much and play on the O-Line! I can see you playing D-Line as a Nose-guard and shooting the gaps and just to use your speed to the adavantage, but I don't know about O-Line!

I'm just gasping thinking about that.

Sorry, no input here, I quit reading once I saw that your typing was turning into a novel.

good luck though!