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Summer Planning

Hello, I am 16 and an avid wrestler. I weigh 147lbs and i am about 15-16% bodyfat. My goal is to drop about 10lbs of fat thruought the summer and put on a little bit of muscle and this was what I was planning on doing for about 1month. Advice would be muchly appreicated thanks.

Macro Breakdown
130-150g of protein
130-150g of carbs
50g of healthy fats
Total Caloric Intake = 1490-1650
Is this too low if im going to be doing weights/wrestling/cardio?

I was going to use a workout plan that goes something like this. All weighted exercises being 5x5 using 80% of my 1rm max

Chest day
Flat Bench
Chest Press
Military Press

Back Day
Barbell Rows
Pull ups
Power Cleans

Leg Day
Leg Press
Barbell Curls

Monday - Chest exercises + 20minutes of wrestling
Tuesday - Wrestling
Wednesday - Cardio (30mins of medium intensity after some coffee and protein)
Thursday - Back exercises + 20minutes of wrestling
Friday - Wrestling
Saturday - Cardio (30mins of medium intensity after some coffee and protein)
Sunday - Leg exercises + 20minutes of wrestling

Food planning would basically be following the P+C in the morning, P+F in the evening.
Protein from chicken, fish, milk, cottege cheese, yogart
Carbs from lots of fruits and veggies, some oatmeal, maybe a little bit of pasta
Im not really too sure on where i should get my healthy fats from other then almonds…

Also keep in mind I’ve never consumed 1g of protein per bodyweight before for I think its possible for me to put on some muscle as usually i take in not enough protein and take in way 2 many carbs.

hey bro,
coming from a fellow wrestler i understand the need to lose weight and be strong, unfortunately when i wrestled i was pretty un-informed about proper diet and did alot of starvation, i still did prety well, went to state 3 times but didn’t place.So i kick myself in ass for not losing weight the right way back then Your calorie intake looks pretty low to me. Wrestling is a huge cardio workoutin itself!!! Other than that it looks o.k. to me but i am still kinda a newbie. I would read some articles by John Berardi. The man is a nutrition stallion. Look for his articles on eating for mass. With the advice he gives you can curb your diet to your own desire. Sorry but i dont remeber the exact name of his articles but their are 3 of them.


number 1


number 2

Thanx, ive read the articles before though.

[quote]Rookie21 wrote:
Thanx, ive read the articles before though.[/quote]

But did you follow them?

No due to a number of factors and now that those factors are gone im going to perfect my eating and follow up with the article but anyways I figured I’ll worry about the cutting later and instead just eat more cals 2300ish while eating tons of good food with at least 130g of protein everyday and just keep bulking muscle.