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Summer Plan

Hey guys,

I just got a summer job at the water treatment plant near where I live, but it is out in the country, so there isn’t really any place to get lunch/snacks. Nutrition wise I’m going to be putting together a plan to make sure I get all my calories during the day, from 7 till 4, so that I don’t lose muscle from a big calorie deficit.

Most of the work I will be doing is mowing lawns, working underground, but sometimes I’ll have to drive out to a pump station and move heavy things for a couple hours. I get a 15 minute break after 2.5 hours, then a 30min lunch break at 12, and another 15 min at.

I’m 5’10, 170lbs, so I’m kind of wondering what would be a good amount to eat, plus some meal ideas or tips for pre-preparing foods.

Last summer, I used my afternoon breaks to scarf down sandwiches. Get the good whole wheat bread (check the ingredients, they will try to sneak white flower in there) and load it up with roast beef, turkey, whatever. Protein shakes, almonds, and beef jerkey also make great snack foods at work.