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Summer Lifting Program

Hello everyone. I’ve recently become a member of T-Nation, though I’ve been reading and researching on the website for about a year now. To start off, here are my stats and just some basic info:

Weight: 220
Height: 6’ 1
Body Fat: 22%
Bench: 225
Back Squat: 310
Power Clean: 175
Deadlift: 300

I’m currently taking Jack3d for pre workout and a whey-based protein shake for post workout. My goals are to cut to somewhere around 200 pounds by the end of the summer (about 7 weeks left) and to get all of those numbers about higher.

I’m in wrestling and I’ll be wrestling in the 189 pound weight class this year, so as long as I get to around 200 pounds by the end of the summer the rest will be easy to cut when practice starts.

I’m currently on the slow carb diet. The diet limits the number of carbs that I can eat, and it’s working very well for me. I’ve lost about 5 pounds in the past two weeks and knocked down some body fat (muscles have gotten a little more defined). My diet for a regular day looks like the following:

3 egg whites
1 slice Wasa bread (this low carb cardboardish bread)

1/2 cup tuna
1 cup of mixed vegetables
Small ham sandwich made with Wasa bread

Cashews or some other type of nut
Protein shake

Grilled chicken breast

Late Snack:
1 slice Wasa bread with peanut butter
1/2 a protein shake

Now here comes the important part. My workout is as follows:

Day 1: Chest/Triceps + Corresponding day of Smolov Squat Program

Bench Press–5x5
Weighted Dips–4x10
Decline/Incline/Flat Flies–4x8

Weighted Dips (closer bars to target triceps)–4x12
Close Grip Bench–4x12

Day 2: Shoulders/Traps + Corresponding day of Smolov Squat Program

Overhead Press–5x5
Cable Rear Delt Raises–3x10
Cable Delt Raises–3x10

Upright Rows–3x10

Day 3: Back/Biceps + Corresponding day of Smolov Squat Program
Pendlay Rows–5x5
Pullups–3 sets, each to failure
T-Bar Rows–4x10

Straight Bar Curls (wider grip)–3x10
Ez Bar Curls (closer grip)–3x10

Progression of days goes as follows:

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, rest, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3…

I do 20 minutes of cardio after each lift (usually on the elliptical) and I do some light cardio on my rest day (as well as squats if Smolov says so).

So, what do you all think? You all are the pro’s and I need all the info I can get. I’ll post logs for each day as well as my own notes on how the lift went.

Thanks for the help.


Chest/Triceps with Day 3 of Smolov today
reps x sets at weight

Squat: 5 x 7 at 240

Bench: 5 x 5 at 215
Dips: 10 x 3 at 30
8 x 1 at 40
Decline Cable Flies: 10 x 3 at 55

Cable Pulldowns: 12 x 3 at 120
Straight bar Pulldowns: 10 x 3 at 120

Had Jack3d before and a protein shake afterwards. Felt good–I’ve recently corrected my form on the dips, so those felt better than usual.