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Summer Lean Out Cycle


Hello, this is my first time posting but ive done more than my share of searching on here. so, first off thanks for everyone posting up some good info.

about me. 26 250 about 15%bf.
bench 315 or 225x18, squat 365 deadlift 405, look stronger than i am

but anways here the outline of my summer cycle with some questions, goals gain a few lbs of muscle while getting down to around 7-10% bf, also like to get my 3 big lifts up about 50lbs each

Weeks 1-12 750mg test e pw
Weeks 1-12 400mg tren e pw
Weeks 1-4 50mg androl pd
Weeks 7-12 40mg winstrol pd
Weeks 1-12 12.5mg aromasin pd
Weeks 1-12 pyramid 25mcg to 125mcg and down t3 od
weeks 1-12 every other week 120mcg clen..eca the other weeks

pct, novla/clomid 40,40,20,20

i also have some HCG but not sure how i should take because i hear i few different ways.

doing 5/3/1 workout and eating extremely clean. no dairy, beef, wheat, fried food ect
2500cal 300g's pro 200g's carb 55g's fat

let me know if everything looks OK? thx.


I would drop the winny. Whats the point when you are taking 400mg of tren? Also, T3 is a bit risky for my tastes.

Others might have better hcg dosing protocols, but as a starting point, 200-250mgs E3D weeks 3-12.


Also, fat loss and strength gain are goals in some tension. With all of the drugs, and theoretically work, you'll be doing to drop weight I don't know if 50lbs is gonna happen.


as long as i get alittle stronger ill be happy, but u gotta have goals.

is my t3 and clen cycle look ok


I feel like you could maybe go up on those lifts, for your size those aren't terribly impressive... What's your cycle history?


I feel like you could maybe go up on those lifts, for your size those aren't terribly impressive... What's your cycle history?


just one cycle of test and dbol. nothing to crazy


question...my hcg was supposed to come with a vial and the powder, but i only got the vail...now my source is saying there hcg is now premixed. theres oonly a tiny bit on liquid in the vial. anyone of heard of anything like this


Thats alot of drugs looking at it again. I would drop the winny and the anadrol. Just frontload the other injectibles. I would also drop the tren from 400 to 300-200mgs, especially for a second cycle. You might consider reducing the time of tren as well to 6-8 weeks, if you value sleeping and not sweating in the dark staring at the ceiling.


6 weeks For Enanthate? Why Karl?


Not Test Enanthate but Tren E.--correct me if I am wrong, but the sweats and problems sleeping are no different from Tren A to Tren E (or even Parabolan). If I am wrong, please let me know. I have never done parabolan or tren e. I just know that the sides build for lots of people at about 6-8 weeks with tren A.

But, I should say, some people have no sides, etc. It seems like there are few hard and fast rules--somebody is always the exception.

Anyway, that's why I said that. If I am wrong, I am happy to learn.


I should also say that my general aim is just to talk this cycle down a bit. For a second cycle it has four different kinds of aas and is alot of drug. I probably just should of said it out front but the risk/benefit ratio just seems off to me here.

The value of adding the winny, the anadrol, the substantial amount of tren over the whole cycle just seems too likely to lead to too much trouble vs. the extra gains that would come. Again, I don't feel way off base on that, but I am happy to hear if you disagree (especially why).


the using the drol only because i had some extra and figured why not. im only a week in but sleeping really well. way better than i did with just test and and 100mg of drol. i think some of may be when the clen wears off you get really tired


Sleep problems for me don't arise until week 3 or 4, but they can persist for several wks post-cycle. Hopefully it doesn't happen to you, but be aware of the possibility.

And getting back to one of your earlier posts, hCG is now frequently pre-mixed, so your vial is probably fine.


thx, 5000iu's in only 1 ml is gonna make it hard to get the right amount. i only have 3mls syringes


You need a .5cc insulin syringe. That is the proper tool for water based injections.


Hey Karl,

May I ask what your aversion to T3 while on this cycle is ?

Although I have many cycles under my belt, I personally havent run Tren yet but have some on hand and it IS part of my next cycle. To that end, I also got some T3 to run with it because of research I had done that suggested a dose of 25mcg per day of T3 whilst on the Tren.

Although I am asking Karl because of his comment ..... anyone feel free to jump in on that question please.



Im on 82.5 mg tren ed which is 577.5mg per week and I sleep perfectly 7 hours per night every night without sweating much at all (i mean I dont notice it so seriously how much can I be sweating? but it is almost winter here and I do do my inject first thing in the morning which I believe helps a lot).

Im on week 8. I just find it takes some time to get used to the tren dose (maybe a couple of weeks) but everybody is different and it is a harsh compound for some people.

Tren @ 300/week I see only a little results only...And your not a small person neither am I.

At your size i would use 400+ I think your choice is good.

but sides of tiredness is worse for me with lower tren doses. Just giving a different opinion and experience with this compound.

I would agree with everything else said in the other post.

If you only want to gain a few pounds I believe anadrol is overkill for sure and winny will do nothing that tren will do 10x better (except for reduce subq water which I believe winny does better but thats my experience and theory. I believe masteron does better than winny on this though and why I dont use winny any more).


You will probably find dropping all that bodyfat...and gaining all that strength retaining it post cycle...will be impossible with that cycle.

I believe it will not be possible your trying to do too much.


Thats a lot of cut.


I also choose not to play with t3 and thyroid meds...dont want to mess with my thyroid