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Summer Job, Strength Loss

Hey, i work a summer job in a warehouse for about 4 months out of the year. I’m wondering how some of you would approach this. It’s for a moving company, and i am on the floor, moving heavy furniture, and cleaning out HOT trucks, for about 8-10 hours per day.

last summer, i would kill a pre workout, after work and head to the gym every day. I did get good lifts in, but certainly no chance of increasing strength over these 4 months. I would use this opportunity as a “cutting season” i did drop 15 pounds last summer. I compete at a 198 weight class throughout the rest of the year.
I do like this kind of job, and the money is great for a summer college job.
does anyone else have tough jobs, that hinder strenth and training?
I just accept that these 4 months will be a good time to cut for me.

I don’t see why it would give you no chance of increasing strength, but that’s probably because you have decided to cut in the past. You’re doing more work than you normally would between the job and lifting, so if anything you should be increasing your intake by quite a bit, not cutting.

Eat more. If you have a couple days off on the weekend or something, try to get your workouts in on the off days when you have more energy. But it shouldn’t prevent you from gaining strength.


Yeah i am in the Army and i have done two seperate tours in Iraq, The weather out there is un godly usually around 120 ish the summer, and with all that freaking gear its crazy. My advice is to train like you normally would and increase your calories/protein/h20 intake. How much are you eating normally? What does your protein intake look like and lastly how much water do you drink?

I made my best gains while i was over their. I ran 5/3/1 for both of my tours and just stuck to the basics, in and out in about 45 minutes. No cardio what so ever because of the sweat loss and shear level of activity. reply and we can help you out more.

I do see what you guys are saying. Last summer my protein intake was very high, and carbs were low. I think i will up my carbs this summer and see how strength improves.

[quote]jackedup45 wrote:
I do see what you guys are saying. Last summer my protein intake was very high, and carbs were low. I think i will up my carbs this summer and see how strength improves.[/quote]

Yea, carbs should not be low at all if you’re working more in hot conditions and your body is burning more fuel than usual. Eat up, you’ll burn it off between the work and the training.

As a poster above noted, hydration is very important too. Drink lots of water all day, you’re probably getting dehydrated as hell working that job and your body is not going to be able to repair and recover nearly as well if it isn’t fully hydrated.

Since your lifting lots of awkward stuff and doing the weightlifting I’d make sure you take care of your prehab real well.


I would try to shoot for around a gallon of h20 and couple gatorade/powerade drinks throughout the day. I used to pack shaker bottles in a bag and i would hit them up every hour on the hour when i couldn’t eat. I used a wxy maize/protein combo. During my deployment i focused on the basics, bench,dl,squat and press. All assistance work was felt out, i hate training this way but i found it worked during my deployment. Some days i would train for a whole hour, other day i would hit my basic move ie squats and leave the gym. feel your way around the assistance work, have food sources around you whenever possible and rest when you can.

good luck!