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Summer Internship at PPC in Chicago

Poliquin Performance Center (PPC) is recognized as one of the top sports performance training companies in the world. PPC has coached over 900 Professional and Olympic Athletes from around the world. PPC is headed up by world ?renowned strength and nutrition expert Charles Poliquin and directed by Level 4 P.I.C.P. strength and conditioning coach Mike Bystol & sports injury specialist Stuart Yoss (Chiropractor and soft tissue specialist for the Chicago Bears).

For more information on Poliquin Performance Center and Coach Charles Poliquin certification and courses please visit. www.ppcchicago.com and www.charlespoliquin.com.

Description: PPC in Chicago is in search of qualified candidates for up to 3 internship positions for the spring and summer semesters of 2009. Students will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients from professional and collegiate athletes to general population.

Qualifications: Students pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science or related degree.

Poliquin Performance extensive internship will teach you how to:

Test for structural balance for the upper and lower body.
Design a safe and effective program based upon clinical findings.
Rehab of common sports injuries
Strength and energy system training for sports performance
Flexibility training.
Sport specific training
How to properly run and manage a profitable training center

How to Apply: Please send a Cover Letter, Resume, and 2 References to:
Mike Bystol 1847 Oak St. Northfield, IL 60093 or email resume to acastore@gmail.com. If you would like to apply in person please contact the center at 847-881-2840