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Summer Havoc

Hi guys,

I’m 22 in May and I’ve been lifting seriously since April last year, I’ve pretty much done some form of resistance exercise since I was 18 though but never for bodybuilding. Anyway last year I responded pretty well to my training and put on 25lbs (Yay) from there I’ve attempted to improve my strength over the winter.

I gained 5lbs since I started focusing on strength, being more of a bodybuilder I couldn’t give a rats ass about my strength unless I think it can help me reach better hypertrophy. So I’m looking to work more in line with my old program but with more recovery.

I feel ready for some form of steroid and while I have talked to various people about it, who have advised me to try to reach my natural limit before doing so I just really want to try the one cycle to see what it’s like, provided I think my diet and program are really solid.

As I understand it, Havoc/Epistane is better for cutting than bulking, so this is something I have bared in mind with regards to when I want to use it. So I’m thinking a summer cycle is the way to go. It also seems to be very mild and a safe option for someones first cycle.

I would ideally want the real stuff, but I do have a phobia of needles (not the main problem), don’t know where to get it and it’s a lot harder to keep the family from finding out…

I’m not a rich guy, the economy has hit me really hard plus other circumstances so I’m buying everything now bit by bit.

I will be using Tamoxifen Citrate for my PCT. I’m not sure where to buy it yet, online pharma can be dodgy and I don’t want some crap full of rat poison. So if anyone has a source in the UK please let me know! Apart from that I’m just covering my bases… Animal Pak for vits, Creatine, Liv52 and plenty of EFA’s. Plus my normal supps (Whey etc). Anything I miss there?

Diet will be strict but with plenty of calories. I think eating a stricter diet than I do in the winter should provide a few weeks of fat loss/recomp so for most of my cycle my diet wont change too drastically week to week.

Also I’m aware there is a lot of great info on this board and I don’t have any particular questions, I’m looking for guidance more than anything and I have personally found a real lack of logs and so on when it comes to Havoc. So I plan to put a lot of detail in here for people who may be interested.

Training Log: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/an_all_white_log

Feel free to chime in. Love a bit of interesting conversation.

Specifics of the dosage that I’m considering is based on the fact that I have seen people run pretty much different dosages on havoc. I’m not really trying to squeeze every bit of size I can out of this regardless of implications so I want to go with a fairly sensible approach.

I was thinking
Week 1: 20mg daily,
Week 2 & 3: 30mg daily
and Week 4: 40mg daily.

As for the Nolva I guess the best thing to do is not fuck around at all. So I will be following my dosage from the Havoc in reverse. (I’ve heard this works well)

so you cant afford food but you can afford a pointless cycle?

and you’re trying to cut from being skinny fat?

it’s nice to have you back, bruceleefan

[quote]Anus Bleach wrote:
so you cant afford food but you can afford a pointless cycle?

and you’re trying to cut from being skinny fat?

it’s nice to have you back, bruceleefan[/quote]

Food’s easy to buy never said I couldn’t buy food. As for Havoc it costs like $20 is that actually really expensive? I don’t think so.

I mean you spend more than that on tampons right?

You big ol’ c*nt