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Summer Goals

SO i have a summer goal to increase my bench from 160 to 200 (working weight: 3 set of 10)over 3 months, I’m wondering if this is a realistic goal? When i first started in January i could hardly bench 45 pounds (i know it was really pathetic), But i do think alot of the growth has to do with that beginners luck… and well even if i had a bad program id see increases.

Soon (my next pay check) i plan to start taking some creatine, whey protein, and some local brand of that Flame Out stuff, just really curious if i should be able to go up 40 pounds easy enough over 3 months or if i should increase my goal even further.

Difficult, but not impossible. You might want to change your strategy though. If you just want your numbers to increase, keep the reps below 5.

Setting realistic goals is tough, because no one has any idea how fast you’ll adapt/grow. Set your goal, plan your training/diet, and then bust ass. If you don’t make your goal, learn from it.

I guess the point would be to set the goal and reach for it, but keep some perspective if you don’t hit it.

Creatine and whey are great, but I’d recommend Biotest for the fish oil, if nothing else. Generally, I’ve found that Biotest has high quality supplements at industry standard prices. Creatine’s gonna be $30/kg anywhere you go, whey’s ~$30/tub, fish oil… I did the math about a year ago (things may have changed) and found that per gram of DHA, fish oil is cheaper than the fish oil at Costco.

And lest you conflate supplements with success, creatine will help you hit your goal (helps you bam out more reps), and whey and fishoil probably won’t have that direct an effect on your lifting.

Alright thanks. Im out right now with a mild injury and it just kills me not being able to get my work in… just sucks waiting till you are 100% just so you dont hinder yourself more >_<