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Summer Fun and the Days Just Begun

Wassup everyone, just wanted to give you a quick update right now. Summer is here and I am lean as ever, i am around 211 w about 8% body fat. My strength has skyrocketed, and I am getting stronger day by day. My aerobic endurance has gone up as well. Here are just a few of my lifts:

Flat Bench: 315 6 times x 4 sets
Incline Bench 275 10 x 4 sets
Decline Bench: 375 12 x 4 sets

Squat: 405 10x 4 sets
Shoulder Press DB 95 8x4 sets
Vertical Jump 51
1 Mile run 8 mins
1000m Swim 18 mins

So as you can see im pretty strong and fast. I didnt just want to be good in one area, I wanted to be a yoked flexible muscle god . I posted one of my recent videos and I am still looking for sponsors so if you are into that thing, helping pay for expenses, webcam shows, custom videos, long term sponsorship, flexoffs, workout routines, etc message me on here (even though I dont check this enough) or on Skype: Beachbody691 or yahoo: dshiz884life.