Summer Fatloss Help?

I am going to finish up BBB than work on fatloss, I asked something similiar to this so please bear with me.

I am not use to routines like what is involved in WSP, so should I try meltdown first before WSP?

I would like to try meltdown but am afraid that I may lose some of the muscle mass I have. Again my diet is basically the 10 habits but can try T Dawg or what ever else is reccomended for such a routine.

dude!.. there is no such thing as a magic pill… jus eat complex carbs during the day and cut them at night… eat healthy fats… and a lot of protein… and eat 6 small meals… and higher the intensity of ur work out… u need to get ur heart beats UP!!.. and do cardio at least 5 days a week… that should get you going…!

you’re going to lose some muscle mass while cutting down, just accept it. They key is to minimize the muscle mass loss.

Go on GSD heh. My strength has stayed the same for the most part and I’ve been cutting down a good bit.