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Summer Cycle


Getting ready to kick this one off...any comments welcome. I had Tren in the 1st 10 weeks but I decided I didn't want to run Tren for 20 weeks!

Week 1-10
Andropen(Sus) 275 1100 MG a week
DBOL (60 MG a Day) weeks 1-6
Metformin 1000 MGs a day, w carb meals
HCG (500 IUS) 2 X a week
Clomid Week 10 only at 100 MGs a day for 7 days
Letro .5 MG a day
HOT-ROX Week 1-10
Proviron 50 MGS a day

Week 11-20
Testatrenplus-Test P 100 MG, Tren A 100, MAsteron 75 1100 MGs a week
Prop 400 MG a week
Var Weeks 14-20
T3/Clen 12-18
Letro .5
Dostinex .5 E4d
HCG (500 IUS) 2X a week

PCT Week 21-26
Clomid 100 MG Week 21-23
Nolva 21-26 20 MG a day 21-26
HCG Week 19-20 10K IUS
RED KAT/Alpha Male week 22-26

OTC Supps
Cissus for joint health
Saw Palmetto
Liv 52
Aceytl Canitine


Like test much? LOL


How's this going??


just swell.


I am starting this cycle this Sunday. I have delayed based on an injury in my right forearm and rotator cuff. And I am as healed as I am going to get, I have about 9 days left in an Alflutop cycle and it seems to be good stuff. Thanks for asking.