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Summer Cycle


Hey guys, it's been a while since i've last come up with some hopes of running a cycle. I've got everything on the way, and just waiting for it all to get here (2-3 weeks)

I'm 24 years old. 80in 265lbs.

The only test I could get was Test C.
I have winstrol coming in pill form, and I was wondering what liver aid I should get. Liv52? Milk Thistle? I'm not really crazy about orals, but it's all I could get.
I've got Arimidex for an AI. Nolva for SERM, and was also able to get hCG for cycle.

With test C should I try to get some Dbol for a kickstart or do a frontload? I know it wasn't the Test Prop I was aiming for. Opinions.

I've only got enough test to run eight weeks at 500mg/wk. I wonder what the best split for injections would be.

WK1-8 Test C - 500mg/wk
WK1-8 Winstrol (Oral) - 50mg/day
WK1-8 hCG - 250iu 2x/WK
WK1-9 Arimidex - .25mg/day

WK10 Nolva - 40mg/day
WK11-12 Nolva - 20mg/day

I'm not sure if 500wk on Test C is going to be enough. If it seems too little from a veteran's standpoint, I'd like to try to aquire more. My source didnt have enough cash on him when he was picking up what I needed.

Please Critique and let me know if I'm just retarded.



most people say not to run orals longer than six weeks
just run the Winny weeks 2-8.


500mg/week is fine for cutting. Just front load your test, dont bother with the dbol, unless you already have it.


I used to use sources just like you described - not 'real' sources, but just a guy who uses and will pick up yours - usually for money up front.

The sooner you get a decent source, the better - that said it is my opinion that all one needs as a minimum - unless competing - is Test and Tren or other non-aromatising anabolic for perfectly adequate physique enhancement.

Winstrol causes a higher rate of strains, as while it strengthens tendons - it makes them brittle in the process. Added to a dose of Test above 200mg/wk it is much more likely (high dose test is counter-productive to tendon/connective tissue strength).
That said, it is ok for cycling as long as deloading periods are utilized to bring tendon strength upto par to muscular strength. I digress..

8 weeks for cyp with no frontload - if the gear is decent - is enough IME. I once ran 7 weeks of cyp at 500mg/wk, and it was a good cycle - about 20lbs gain - i think i kept 15lbs actually IIRC.
If there is a chance you could get another vial of test, i would more (another 500mg to the existing 250mg) to the first shot - to achieve peak levels from day one.
(Yes, i think you shouold inject your Test on Mondays and Thursdays - or E3.5D)
FWIW Cypionate has no different release pattern than Enanthate - even if it is 1 carbon longer.

Back to the winstrol, i would personally run it above 50mg/day - 65mg/day for 6 weeks, 80mg/day for 5 weeks or even 100mg/day for 4 weeks. Yes, you'd have to break tabs up i expect. A tablet will snap into 4 easily enough.



PCT should start in week 11 as a two week lapse between last inject and PCT start in required for blood level to fall adequately for PCT to be effective when using the cyp ester.


Should I continue to run Adex through weeks 9 and 10?


Yes. You should continue to run Adex in weeks 9 and 10 slowly tapering down the dose. You can also continue to run 0.5mg/w Adex (split into EOD doses) throughout the SERM PCT. You can further maintain that dose even after PCT to maintain low-normal male estrogen level (E2 in low 20s pg/ml). I usually continue Adex in this manner for a few weeks after PCT.

Another modification you might want to make is to move your winny weeks from 1-6 (6 is max recommended in consideration of liver enzyme levels) to weeks 5-10. That will make your two waiting weeks (just prior to PCT) more productive while the test cyp level in your system drops. It will also have the winny complementing fully kicked in test cyp - providing more of a synergy. Using the winny at the end will assist in keeping you lean too.


Goals? I'm not a fan of stanozolol or at least not at this point. I would have rather purchased another vial(s) of test. Cypionate will do and I advice it be treated and injected in the same fashion as enanthate. Personally if this a planned bulker, I would do the the kickstart and the frontload. Couple AI admin right out of the gate and have a SERM on hand and you should be alright. My cycle would be

750mg-1g wks 1-2
500mg wks 2-8

.25-.5mg/day 1-8

30-50mg wks 1-6

Stasis/Taper coupled with tamoxifen admin at 20mg/day



I too would like to see the OP delay this potential cycle until more Test is acquired. If youre going to do it do it right. Im not anything an AAS virgin could not pop his cherry on 500mg of Cyp for 8 weeks but at 265 I'd either run it a bit longer or use a higher weekly dose. Also I'd wanna have a few extra hundred mgs around for a stasis and taper.

I do agree with Brook that in just 7-8 weeks its very possible to put on 15-20lbs with quality test especially the first time. Just dont feel mandated that you have to do this if you personally desire either a longer on period or highly weekly doses


I'm workinng on aquiring more test cyp from the same source. I'm weary about possibly using two tests on cycle that are not from the same person. I doubt I'll be able to get enough from him for more than just a frontload injection.

Front Load 750mg Test Cyp Day 1
WK1-8 Test C - 500mg/wk
WK1-10 Adex - .50mg/EOD
WK1-10 hCG - 250iu 2x/wk
WK5-10 Winstrol (oral) - 60mg/day

WK11-12 Adex - .25mg/EOD
WK11 Nolva - 40mg/day
WK12 Nolva - 20mg/day
WK13 Nolva - 20mg/EOD
WK13 Adex - .25mg 2x/wk

Is this PCT good with Adex running through it?

And also, which products are actually legit in keeping liver enzymes in check?


I would stop the HCG when you stop the test cyp. You could start PCT 2.5 weeks after your last cyp shot due to the 500mg weekly dosage and the 6 day half life of teh cyp ester. Just make sure you stop the winstrol a day before starting PCT. I would dose the Adex at 0.14mg EOD (=0.5mg/w) during PCT for steady E2 level. You can use a syringe barrel to measure dose and squirt in mouth, rinse and reuse.