Summer Cycle Updated, Please Advise

Week 1-12 Test Prop .75 ml ED, 525 mg/week
Week 13-16 Test Prop 100 mg/week
week 17-22 Test Prop 80/60/50/40/30/20 mg/week
Week 1-14 Arimidex .25 mg ED
Week 18-22 Nolvadex 30/20/10/10

Should I stack this with Deca or Winstrol?

What is your goal? I see you said summer, but some people don’t always cut over summer. In addition you mentioned the possibilities of deca which makes me question whether your having a caloric surplus or deficit?

It might help also knowing what your general cycle history is.


I have done a few superdrol cycles before, never an injectable cycle.

I’m looking to bulk big time.

I have a huge surplus about 5500 calories a day.

I can get almost any steroid, so whatever the best option is, regardless of price/availability… hit me with it

i mean let me know what you recommend i use, not hit me up for a source, it won’t happen…

not saying you should, but could run deca weeks 1-10 @ 250/300mg per week max.

[quote]krisV wrote:
I have done a few superdrol cycles before, never an injectable cycle.

I’m looking to bulk big time.

I have a huge surplus about 5500 calories a day.

I can get almost any steroid, so whatever the best option is, regardless of price/availability… hit me with it[/quote]

GOOGLE IT mate, it is a little impolite to hijack a thread as you have done.

this is my thread? lol

I know most of others will back me up on this, since this is your first injectable cycle I highly HIGHLY recommend using only a Test (preferably Test-e, since it has less injections). Do it for 12 weeks. You could even throw in some dbol 25-50 mgs first few weeks. You might be thinking, as you said, but ‘I’m looking to bulk big time’ I want the most bang for my buck. Well trust me the simpler you keep your cycles the better, it’s just like when you start working out no need to try all that fancy technique - if you do it could hurt you down the road (less gains and those techniques won’t work later).

I also recommend you do a taper with your test for PCT instead of your nolva protocol, but that isn’t as big of a deal.

And if you are extremely hard headed and stubborn go with a deca 8~ weeks test 12~ weeks, with dbol the first few. BUT I HIGHLY recommend the test-e 500mg 12 weeks dbol weeks 1-4 25-50mg.

PS I think Testanabol just though someone else posted on your thread because you posted two times in a row.


I second Retailboy, 12 weeks test E at 500mg/week. This is the best bang for your buck so to speak. Dbol is an option but not needed, the test alone will give you excellent gains in mass and strength. As far as PCT goes I too prefer the test taper over the usual nolv.

[quote]krisV wrote:
this is my thread? lol[/quote]

sorry mate my bad wasnt concentrating. apologies.

adex is a little high at .25mg ED…you could likely get away with .25mg EOD with that dose but otherwise it looks fine.

thanks for al the advice guys.

i already have my prop. is it still ok to do prop for my first cycle?
plus, i was hoping to keep bloat a little lower with prop.

retail… i am doing a taper? i’m doing a 4+6 test taper, with a mild dose of nolva in the last 4 weeks.

the sticky on tapers recommended this.


Sure prop is fine to run for a first cycle. Most people just dont want the EOD injections for their first.

Regarding the taper it is going to be extremely hard to split your dosages up to 3x a week during the lower dosages at the end of the taper.

Something you could consider if you want to run a taper is to run 100mg/wk of enathate or cyp throughout your cycle and then use that for the stasis and taper as well utilizing 2x/wk injections of 50mg.

The taper also suggests a 6 week stasis followed by the taper following a 12 week or more cycle.

I personally got away with 5/5 on my own 12 week cycle. If all you are running is test (no 19-nors or ultra-suppressive stuff like that), you will probably be okay, but yeah, you’re better off going longer than shorter.

Here’s a related question/hijack. I’ve asked this before but never received an answer.

LillGuy, you suggested running 100mgs of enth throughout. What if you only ran the 100mgs of enth during the last 3-4 weeks of the cycle (before the stasis period) and then continued the stasis with the same 100mgs a week from there. Wouldn’t this be long enough to have that enanthate ester releasing itself at decent blood concentrations? Or do you think this is not long enough. I ask because I’m contemplating doing it myself at the end of my present prop cycle.

Well that idea was just something I threw together.

The only reason I suggested it that way is that even with the 100mg/wk all the way through it would still equate to only minimal cost and you would be absolutely sure of the dose that would remain in your body a few days after your last prop injection.

Just mix 50 mg of enathate or cyp in with your other shots twice a week.

if I were to shoot enanthate 100mg/week throughout cycle, however, wouldn’t i be injecting enanthate every day, since I’m shooting prop ED? or would I just add the enanthate in once a week?

also, off topic question, although it is my thread :slight_smile: , has anyone had issues with IBE/ IR’s Clomid? No problems with nolva but the last time I used their Clomid I was less than thrilled with results

Add the enathate in 2 days a week with whatever else you are using that day.