Summer Cycle Suggestions

Almost done my cycle which consisted of:

Test E 250mg E3D
Masteron 200mg E3D
along with some winny and dianabol
I also added Tren Ace 50mg ED for 5 weeks half way through my 12 weeks cycle.

Made some good gains, approximately 21lbs and an increase from 9% to around 11% body fat. I really enjoyed my time on Tren, strength went up noticeably as well as aggression. I had not adverse effects from Tren either, until I started to come off and tapered my dose down, then the nite sweats began last approximately one and a half weeks.

Right now I am on Test and Mast 50mg E3D for 4 weeks then tapering down from there.

I am planning my next cycle which I plan to start May. I am still considering what substances to use. I plan to pick only two injectables. I want to use Test P as my base and my second compound I was considering Nand PP.

I plan on using these compounds at 75mg ED Test P and 50mg ED Nand PP for 6 to 8 weeks. During my time on I want to diet down and shoot for 7% bf.

I want to try nandrolone since I am curious as to what effects it will have on me and am always willing to try something new. I am only choosing two compounds because I will be saving up for a great cycle that shall begin months after this one is complete.

What do you gentlemen suggest I use besides Test P? I really want to try Nand PP or is there another compound you would use and I could try Nand another time. What are your perspectives on this issue?

My stats as the stand right now: 5ft5 inch, 168 aprox.…not too sure but I am quite lean.

Thanks for your insight!

Mostly I just wanna give this thread a bump so some of the Vets might help ya out bro.

The only thing I would like to comment on is that I would like to see you bulk a bit more instead of dieting on this upcomming cycle (ya I know you lol). I think if you were to put on another 20lbs or so and then diet that would be sweet.

I’ll see ya in the gym.