Summer Cycle Ideas

Hey guys, wanted to throw some loose ideas out for a mild’ish 20 or so week cycle for summer. I’m looking to finish leaning out from 11-12%bf to 8% or so and refine the mass I have with mild gains.
300mg test e
400mg mast e
400mg primo e
300mg test e
600mg mast e
450mg eq
The appeal of primo to me is I’ve heard things like mild deca without the sides and a refined look.
The appeal of eq is the endurance. I love the way npp and deca at lower doses increases my endurance and allows me to train harder and longer.

I’ve never ran primo before and haven’t given eq a fair shot having only done 400mg eq for 10 weeks before. I love mast at 600mg but thought with the primo I’d get by with a little less and with eq I’d run 600mg. The eq is low because I’d be looking mostly for the increased performance with mild gains while avoiding anxiety and blood issues for my first real time, I don’t even know if it would be a problem as it wasn’t at 400mg but with tren at 600mg for example it effects my blood pressure fairly bad and people often say eq is worse at higher doses.