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Summer Cycle (Cut Stack + Tren Ace)

Greetings and salutations, I’m new to this forum but no stranger to AAS by far. I’m a huge fan of Tren E but I’d like a shorter run to have less time off. I’ve been toying with the idea of a CUT-STACK (test prop, tren ace, mast prop) but adding more tren since I have minimal sides with high tren/low test, usually 3:1. This next run will be a recomp cycle.

I’m thinking a 6 weeker of cut stack one day, ace the next so all together it’s ED just 3 times the tren ace. Works out weekly to:
test prop 175
mast prop 175
tren ace 525
Thinking of running it running with proviron 50mg ED or .25 aromasin E3D

Age 40, 5’10", 255 pounds, 12% bf, 20 years training, 15 years AAS

Anyone run a cut stack like this before? I know extra test prop is far more popular to throw in, but I’m a tren whore…

Thanks in advance.

My favourite summer stack are these compounds but larger quantities.

750 Tren A
750 Mast P
500 Test P

Quality cycle; great strength, size and hardness. I would run it all round if I could lol.

I am not as lean as I would like to be so just running the Tren A/Test P at 750 per week, starting today for 8 weeks… If I am leaner after that then I am sure I will add in the mast p next blast!

Thanks for the reply Andy, what do you use for an AI?

Adex @ 1mg eod with those doses.

Thought the went 0.5mg EOD with this amount of test mate?

Ooooo you may be correct. Not in my notes.

Well OP, start with 0.5mg EOD.

On reflection, I think I may have only gone up to 1mg EOD on my most recent cycle of 1g Test per week…