Summer Cut

I was wondering what type of gains one would expect from a cycle of clen and EQ.

every two weeks for 8wks
1-2 20
3-4 40
5-6 60
7-9 80
10-11 60
12-14 20

EQ at 200mg-300mg a wk for 8wks

I am about 160 and 13% BF, 5.9, I know this is not huge but I do not desire to be overly large just fit looking, I been working out since about 18 and am now 25 went from 135 to 160 just eating and training.

I am in a medical school and I work with patients and I want to be taken seriously by patients as a professional Doctor not as a Body builder often larger frames are associated with lack of intelligence (this not my opinion but I have seen and heard it) so that is the reason for wanting to maintain an just above average build.