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Summer Coming and D3 Dosage?

I have been taking vitamin D3 at 6000 iu per day since December. I have felt great and escaped the new england winter without not one cold or illness. I am convinced their is something to this. Anyway now that the warmer weather is coming should I reduce my dosage? I know the easy answer would be to get the d25 hydroxy test done and see where my level is but I do not feel like spending the $60.
Any thoughts?

Hello…Anyone?.. Bueller?

PM 300andabove. I’m pretty sure he’s well informed in this area

I’m pretty sure you’ll want to cut back as vitamin D is fat soluble and excess is not just peed out like a water soluble vitamin would be. With increased sunlight you increase natural production of D, which combined with 6000iu a day could be much, but I’m not expert on vitamin overdoses and what the sides would be, or if that would even be a dangerous amount. I think it would depend on how much sun a day you get…