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summer business ideas

with one semester of school left before summer im thinking about what i should do for the summer. i personally hate working for others, so i want to start something that my brother and i can run and profit on, any one got some ideas? (don’t suggest mowing either)

If you want to be an entrepeneur, try buying furniture, fixing it up, and reselling it. You’d be surprised how effective touching up paint and waxing tables can be. I’ve seen between 20-50% profit margins doing this.

One summer I needed some extra cash. Went down to Home Depot and bought a 3000 psi Pressure washer for $800.00 dollars. Printed up some flyer’s, 3 on a page, for a deck washing service. I charged $150.00 to $200.00 for an average size deck ($25.00 off if they paid in cash). Had the investment paid off in two weeks.

If you have never done this before make sure you practice on your own deck or some family first (decks that is, not people). You need to get the hang of it before you do a deck for money. 3000 psi will tear the hell out of some wood if it is not kept moving.

Additional services you can offer include staining, repair, sealing, concrete work/driveways (need a special tip), and houses. I did not like doing house’s or driveways as it took to long.

Hope this helps, Colin Wilson

You and your bro could start up a “massage” buisness, people really seem to like being “massaged”. Or you could try dog walking, painting, nude modeling…

In all honesty I truly believe that the big money these days is in internet porn. No I do not mean some “Watch Me do My Brother” type of thing. Even where I live there have been a couple of stories of guys basically sitting in there basements with computers making big money with internet porn. It’s all about links and advertsing.

You could go into business installing lawn sprinkler systems. Fairly easy to learn (as I’m told, I’ve never done it myself).