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Summer bulking

It’s 40 C (104 F) here. Am I the only idiot around who has bf% around 102 %, sweating like a pig, eating enormous amounts of money, training my ass off and generally looking and behaving in a socialy not-so-acceptable manner? :wink:

Do you mean people who aren’t cutting up? That’s also what I’m NOT doing. :slight_smile: That stuff isn’t for me. It’s not as hot here but I still break a sweat when I’m running to catch a bus. I also get called a jerk sometimes (when I know I’m being one) so maybe I also behave in a socially not-so-acceptable manner.

Yes, you are the only one…Remember, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. The lesson here is to mix up your routine. Try some different exercises, eat a little less money. Take a day or two off from the gym and see what effect that has. Experiment with resting periods. Sounds like you are training hard enough, but could train smarter. Try tricking your body by doing something completely different. I recently went on a trip and while using a foreign gym, which forced me to alter my routine a bit, I hiked and ran hills (the trip was to Ithaca, NY for my 20th year Cornell reunion)–I came back feeling better than ever and having more stamina at the gym. It’s almost summer, enjoy the fresh air and do some of your workouts outside–above all, have fun with it. Good luck.

I am also not cutting. In fact, I’m in the middle of a 4500 cal/day bulking phase. I just gained 8 pounds in two weeks, and it’s definitely NOT all muscle. Know what though? I don’t give a shit! Give me strength and mass, or give me death!

I live in florida where summer is 10 months a year. So not by my choice I sometimes do a bulking cycle while still going to the beach and wearing minimum of clothes. That is why recently I started to include T3 or winny in my cycles and albuterol after to minimize fat gain.

I’m a teacher, so summer is the easiest time for me to bulk up. I’m on my second week of Mag10 and I’m up 12 pounds. SWEET.

Same here. I’m on 4600 plus Kcals a day and at 14 % BF. I should have done some better planing as i will have to loose 8 pounds in 4 weeks to get ready for holydays.

getting ready for my first year of college football, have about another 15 pounds to put on before august 13. Hopefully now That School is out my 6,000 calories a day will be easier to make