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Summer Bulking


Anyone else set to gain some mass this summer? My gains at school this year were SHIT (could never get enough food, Shoulder Injury, Crowded shitty gyms, Lack of sleep most nights due to how hard i worked at my studies etc...)Honestly i really havent made any foreward progress in about a year now due to injuries and school. However, Now that im back home there is lots of good food, and i have a lot of time so i figure its time to get the gain the mass i had planned to gain during the school year.

Id like to finally hit the 200 lbs mark which ive been wanting to do for awhile. However summer is usually the time everyone is triying to get cut up to look good on the beach, personally i don't really care about that at this point, but i know its a concern to a lot of people.

What are your guy's summer training plans? Im curious as to what the consensus is about this on this forum


Mine are real similair to yours, we'll see about the weight gain, I'd like to put on at least 8-10 lbs this summer. My biggest goal is to hit 405 lbs on my squat, I got a log here if you're interested: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/evolvs_summer_log_

I say the hell with cutting! I got too much muscle mass and strength to build to worry about looking like a Agayercrombie & Bitch model :slight_smile:

I have the same problems at school too, mainly sleep for me. I might get 4 hours of sleep usually, makes it real hard to recover from workouts sometimes.


Personally, I'm trying to gain weight as cleanly as possible and stay between 6-7%. I'm at 182lbs, and I'm playing around with carb cycling for the first time. I'm not competing again until next april/may, I'd only like to have to cut b/t 20-25lbs this next season.


you have an impressive squat for your size! i have lots of trouble performing squats due to a knee injury from playing highschool football, but i may finally have that figured out this time around.


I'll be bulking for however long it takes me to get to at least 250 (well, okay, maybe around 230), but I can't predict the future. It's "the plan" anyway. Until then I'm not even thinking about cutting.

I actually might be going to the beach (for the first time in yeeeeears) on the weekend sometime soon, and I'm carrying quite a bit of fat, so that sucks. lol


Fuck it, you don't owe it to anyone to be lean...

im not sure what its like around your area, but the beaches over my way consist of average( untrained) people so its not a big deal, even with my bodyfat right now im still leaner then most of them.


I'm not lean, or anywhere close to it. I was heavily contemplating dieting this summer... but looked at FattyFat's thread in the T-Cell. I then thought about two other threads in the T-Cell that are the complete opposite.

It kind of made me ask myself how badly I really want this.

I think I'm seeing the clearer picture.


I plan on bulking this summer for the next rugby season. I'm in school too and I find it much harder to gain weight there as well. Drinking 2-3 nights a week really halts progress and not having my own kitchen for my freshman or sophomore year sucked. I am always at 7-9% bodyfat and am very fast no matter what my diet or cardio schedule is, so I'm going to try eating stupid amounts of food + omnibus to get my ass to 175, (small goal I know but I'm an ectomorph sorry kids).

I'm not really concerned with being lean because I've been lean my entire life and there no point in being lean if I only weigh 160.

Good luck with your goals.


Jesus the beaches around here are full of tons of muscle heads, I consider myself pretty decently sized and yet some dudes make me feel small as shit! I gotta go to your beach haha


I'm gaining this summer.

But I'm also lean enough that I look damn good with a shirt off, in this game I don't think we should ever be at a level of bodyfat where we aren't comfortable shirtless in public. Even if you are a little "soft" you should be at least carrying enough muscle to look good.


I hate summer. I always feel like I should be lean for the summer so I start dieting around march thinking that I'll be lean and look good for the summer. Usually by june I dont care anymore, by this time I have my full 6-pack but I feel like a bitch because all of my lifts are down and I feel small cause I just lost 20 pounds of hard earned size (notice I didn't specify between muscle and fat).

Point is fuck what other people think or say and do what you think is best. If you have a decent amount of muscle and feel that if you lost some fat you would feel better, then do it. I'm in that same boat I think I just need to get BIGGER and achieve my goals and stop the whole "lean for the summer" bull shit. Sorry I felt I needed to rant for a few haha.


I enrolled in summer school just to use the school gym while being free of distractions I would have at home. My summer is gone but I plan on gaining quite a bit...


Holy Shit your 265 lbs and people on your beach make you feel "small as shit" what beach do you go to so that way i will be sure to avoid it =)


I'm going to diet down and make sure my abs show for the beach!!!


ive been bulking for like 2 years straight.

my goal by fall...hmm how about 230, natural.


All my workout buddies are of course like "dude need to get the abs for the summer lets go jogging yo" or "hey can't bulk now it's summer! gotta look good on the beach.", then again we're 17-18 years old :slight_smile: We're all skinny by this forum's standards.

Which is why I am planning to bulk like hell and surpass everyone in strength and size :slight_smile:


Thanks man, I appreciate the compliment! I've put a lot of work into it, but my bench sucks ass still :slightly_smiling:

I was just posting on a guys log about my knees and such, but I had very bad osgood schlatters disease in my left knee. It may seem counter intuitive, but after a full cycle of Smolov my knee got better! Now, I know you probably have a totally unrelated injury to what I had, but even he (Undesired08) said his knee pain went away after his cycle. I had some pain during it and had to use some light knee braces, but pretty cool as I wasn't expecting it to get better.

So, you never know man.


This will be my 2nd summer in a row that I've been "bulking" and won't have a "beach body"

but even last summer walking around the beach made me feel good. all the "lean" people also had bones showing they were so devoid of muscle.

I think Live and I have similar goals. I should be at 210-215 by end of summer, 215-220 by fall and 230 for santa this winter.

me: "nice six pack buddy; what do you bench?"

lean beach goer: "170lbs"

me: "nice"


haha no smolov for me, at least not right now, and probably never haha

i messed up my mensicus, even with phsyio and stuff its still extrmely vulnerable and it always wants to dip into a squat...i threw my old knee brace on for shits the other day and it evened it out a lot. Tried a lot of single leg work to correct at first but it would seem wearing the brace works out pretty well


I'll be continuing my bulk over the summer, but slightly cleaner than the last 6 months. I'm shooting for 230-240 range by New Years. I'm currently 220 and didn't look too bad a the beach this past weekend but no abs. I'm planning to be a leaner 220 next summer.