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Summer Bulk Cycle?


This will be my first time using a pro-hormone and I wanted some feedback on my supplement cycle.
this is what i plan on stacking:
Advanced Muscle Science 4-AD
Advanced Muscle Science AromX and AI Stoked as PCT
BSN TrueMass
BSN No-xplode
BSN CellMass
Maybe AI Life Support while on cycle?
Multivitamin, Fish Oil, Milk Thistle

Going to have a solid diet with at least 1.5 grams of protein per lb of body weight with
at least 5,000 calories a day.
I train 5 days a week, 2 days off, virtually no cardio.
Any suggestions?


You plan on only "bulking" for the summer? Don't expect much long term progress with a gaining period that short. Make it a year and then we would see some real progress.


Yes, stop majoring in the minors.


Post in the steroid forum when you're going to talk about cycling

EDIT: And no, I'm not just being a dick. You listed some supplements that are w/e (IMO nothing amazing on that list), and what you eat will do more than any of them. The thing that is most likely to require change in your plan is the PH/PCT, so you may as well get some constructive feedback on that in the steroid forum.


I personally would use different supps, BSN isnt exactly top shelf imo, but regardless of your PH's, if you are eating the calories and protein you claim, and hitting it hard 5 days a week im sure you'll put on some quality mass.


agreed, a company that lies about their product (one of their old creatine versions) lose big points in my book


I'll take your year and add another! IMO..18 -24 months is a bulk.


Gonna derail this a bit. How far do you push bf in that 18-24 months? Any time for damange control or do you just push as much as possible in that time frame? JW i know this is always your suggestion for length of time but i dont think i have ever seen you advise any more detail than that. I am just curious as to your philosophy and how you got about getting your physique