Summer Blast and Coming Off 2 Years of Tren

I mean underground

I know that, im just saying how OTHER people sometimes behave and what they call “self defense”. Because sometimes when we talk self defense, most people would say “Muay thai wins Krav Maga” but that statement is NOT self defense to begin with as in Krav Maga principle would be to never even test your skills like that, therefore Krav Maga wins, and Muay Thai is a criminal asshole.

yes, if you can… but we fight when we cant run - for example, your wife has broken leg, or your kid is too small to run, or someone wants your car keys while your kid is still in the car and you dont know if they will let you get him out.
we never fight for a wallet or ego…

i have seen myself how 2 guys get into that position, and one starts GnP, but then some random chick takes off her shoe and nukes him in the face with a heel. So yea, GnP is not good, ALTHO - if someone holds you in the guard, in order to get up, you will GnP as there are no better options…
there is no such thing as 100% safe self defense tactics… when dealing with knife you will get stabbed, but we can minimize the amount of stabs and hope it is enough. same goes with punches etc - in 2v1 situation you WILL EAT punches, and anyone who tells you that he can teach you to win without getting punched, or stabbed is a liar.
A good Krav Maga practitioner only has a chance to minimize the threat. Instead of getting stabbed 17 times, he will get stabbed 2 times and MAYBE will live to get to hospital, etc.

Yes but there are tons on McDojos around the worl. In my country there are only 3 people(me included) who teach this so our level is pretty good, But i have seen more idiotic videos on youtube than good ones, so i suppose its not so good around the world.
You should look for KMG organisation which i am a part of. I cant be sure that all the instructors are good in every country but at least the material we are supposed to teach is 80% good.

Not actually competing against someone whos lifelong dream is to kill someone in the ring, but you definetly need to spar hard sometimes.
There also is a huge difference again - are you training for competition or self defense, because in order to SURVIVE a Muay Thai competition you need to condition youself getting fucked by kicks on the legs, and ribs, your cardio must be good to be able to move all the rounds etc.
Self defense situations are over in 2-5 seconds. You definetly need to know how it feels to get punched in the face hard(sparring) so you dont get lost if someone sucker punches you, but the conditioning is a whole lot different to survive 3x3min of Muay Thai, or to get punched once in the face, then come back with a groin kick, then a kick to the face, and run to the nearest place that has video cameras, and call cops.
Sport stuff needs cardio and a lot of practice to endure damage.
Self Defense requires more of a “freestyling” practice as no situation is the same, so lets say - i just mentioned a groin kick and a kick to the face as a combo. What happens if you miss the groin? Then you could use arms as you are already in range, or do a low kick with other leg and continue from there. What happens if after the groin kick the dude turns his back? Kick to the face is off the table, right? Basically, you need to have your tools, and you need to be able to do good combinations that work and are safe(not go for rear naked choke). Many people panic and just start doing hammerfists to the back or shoulders, which is unproductive. You need to be able to see oportunities and execute them fast without thinking.
Lets say there are 2 guys. One has a knife in a long distance threat positon and anotherone is just near to him. You need to know 10 possible variations of what you will do and what can happen in half a second.
In Muay Thai you feint a low kick, see how he reacts. Move around. Faint a low kick, see that he does the same. Now feint a low kick, stop it and go for a superman punch as you know the guy drops guard when he defends low kick.

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You are the only person who has ever told this. I hope its not a troll :smiley:
Is heigh supposed to be a disadvantage?

yes, in my country some of the best fighters are not allowed in clubs as security knows that if shit goes down, they wont be able to do anything.
and its not the fighters who start shit, its the drunk idiots who challange them, when see them.

we had a situation when 3 guys attacked a dude, got their ass beat, but one of the called the cops and said that a well trained guy beat them up… that is why its important to call the cops and start with YOUR version…
i also dated a girl once who had a problem with her ex, who happened to be a cop… so he used to stalk her, and once she sprayed him, but then HE turned it around like a jellous ex-girlfriend just attacked him with a spray, so she had actual court problems after that.

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Yes, height being a disadvantage is mentioned routinely in the crossfit games. Matt Fraiser would get pissed because they kept saying he had an advantage in all the lifting because he was so short. Taller people have to move the bar further and they are at disadvantage with the positioning. There are exceptions, but usually it’s not a taller person moving the heavier weights.

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Height generally hurts relative strength, but not so much absolute strength. Short guys will generally do a lot better in stuff like chin ups and benching their bodyweight. They usually are out of the picture when it comes to the biggest absolute lifts though.



More height means more room for muscle/size. It’s why WSM winners these days are so tall.

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Those are the exceptions. I’m speaking of normal sized tall guys. Not huge muscled up dudes on a lot of stuff. When I said exceptions, it was for the person who would mention Thor.

I’m also referring to the normal lifts. Deadlift, bench (maybe), squat, strict military press.

I’m also referring to normal lifts. The deadlift world record is consistently held by taller dues, and the press record as well for that matter.

I agree normal people aren’t very strong. Tall or short for that matter. But tall people have greater potential to be stronger than short people.


Greater potential yes. But they have to work harder for it.

Still, it’s impressive for a taller guy to push the same weight you did in a strict military press. He had more time under tension. Drugs not considered.

I find, in general, all people who achieve the greatest potential in any activity had to work harder than the people that did not.

For sure: I pushed an impressive weight :slight_smile:

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Your press was impressive. It is what made me start paying attention to you. I went to work and showed the video to other people. It was the first time I saw a “normal” person push that.

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For relative strength, yes. For absolute strength, no. For bodybuilding, tall is not great, but that doesn’t have much to do with lifting big weights.

Certain tall guys will struggle with certain lifts, but excel in others. Maybe struggle with bench, but deadlift is really good with little work.

Another thing to consider, is the talent pool is smaller for the really tall guys. Statistically, they are a lot rarer than guys between 5’6"-6’0. Yet they hold most of the biggest deadlifts, squats.

You know, I was considering this. I was wondering if there being less taller guys (6’+) would skew what I am seeing. I think you nailed it.

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I think another thing is that many of the lifts that look impressive are done by shorter guys doing a lot of weight for their size. The bigger guy can lift the weight too, but it just doesn’t stand out the same as when the smaller guy does it.

Yeah, i also was always under the impression that because i am tall i am supposed to be stronger. Sure, taller people have more room for muscle, thats why i stopped being 220 and went to 260, with a goal to get up to 280.
Anyways, thanks alot to @theinneroh for good words - that will definetly motivate me further, but i still know i need to add at least 100lbs to all the lifts to even start feeling good :smiley: But - all in time.

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Surely this must’ve taken years?

What are your best lifts if you don’t mind me asking?

no it took 1 year, and from going to 4-5 year long caloric deficit and Intermittent Fasting to just eating 3 meals a day and going for at least 5000kcals.

havent tested anything for a while, but i have a 200kg squat on video, 100kg OHP for 4 reps, 165kg bench(i have 2 broken elbows and a bad shoulder so i can do only flat bench and very little assistance work, and almost nothing for triceps so this is gonna suck for a long time) and like 235kg deadlift(those are not 100% true maxes, as im trying to lift only what im sure i will be able to do somewhat clean).
To not get too depressed, i have to say that i do something for strenght and in a caloric surplus only for 1,5 years, but i started doing everyday fullbody, or maxing every day etc stupid shit. I am on a somewhat propper 531 for less than a year. Before that i hadnt done a weighted squat or any type of deadlift for at least 8 years or so, and i only trained at home with my adjustable dumbbells.

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I think the relative strength thing for short people as @mnben87 stated is certainly true. I had a 215kg DL (with straps mind you) at a BW of around 73kg. Pushing movements always significantly lagged behind with the exception of dips/decline bench. I stopped deadlifting post hernia op and will be replacing deadlifts with hex bar deadlifts. I’ll supplement Romanian DL’s, I think hex bar + RDL should be able to adequately replace conventional DL’s. I have two types of trap bars available, one with handles and one without, I don’t find there’s much of a difference between the two. The amount of extra weight I can lift with the handles being say… one or two inches higher appears to be very negligible (like a 5kg difference).

Regardless of the weight lifted, I was typically able to outfit those who had a considerable amount of size on me and I was certainly able to outfit those who were taller than I was yet weighed within 10kg of what I weigh. I’m heavier now (and weaker) as I’ve been eating like a fatass (currently 76-77kg) so my strength/weight ratio isn’t nearly as impressive. To note, I was also able to outlift many my age who were WAY taller and bigger than me though I’d boil that down to my consistency/time spent in the gym. Most people don’t have a cumulative experience of like 4 years + weightlifting.

When I was deadlifting heavy 2x/wk I ALWAYS had a sore lower back. Also dropping front squats but keeping back squats, too much intra abdominal pressure with the front squats.

Even movements like barbell rows I was very proficient with the amount of weight I was able to pull. Any kind of row really, for many variations of machine rows I have a comically large pin you can attach to the bottom of the weight stack to lock the weight wherein you can attach extra plates to the pin

I’ve RECENTLY and finally managed to get my shoulders healthy enough to OHP, so I’ve started doing that. Can’t lift much weight though (as in literally struggle to strict press 60kg, it’s pathetic and my max is like 1/2 my bench 1rm)

Will my OHP max shoot up if it’s THAT disproportionate comparative to my bench 1rm?