Summer Blast and Coming Off 2 Years of Tren

For those who dont know, i am a perma-blast type of guy and i have been on a blast for at least 10 or even 12 years. Just never had any issues with that, so i never even studied a need to take breaks from blasting, until i turned 30. Thats also the age i started taking more interest into strenght, so after wasting one year of maxing every day, or doing full body powerlifting 7 days a week, its been about 1 year im doing 531, but i still have lots to learn because even up till a month ago i still managed to go too heavy all the time.
Anyways, with my interest in strenght, i also gained interest in feeling good. I wanted to finish this summers blast and then taper down compounds and dosages, but i read up on what some people report about tren, and i kinda tought i will use my summer blast to jump off it now as it would seem to be easier like that also.

Anyways, my planned cycle is :
350mg test-E
750mg EQ
700mg mast-E
50mg stanazolol ED, switched to Anavar after two months or so
2iu GH a day
It also had 350mg of tren-E but as i explained i will use this shitton of a cocktail to come off tren and i will also bump up GH up to 4iu a day.

So my gym goals ar strenght but i am much bigger than i am strong because as soon as i started to eat like a powerlifting enthusiast should i blew up around 45lbs and its not all fat, so i have enough size to get stronger for a year without gaining a gram of muscle thats why i think i dont need too much gear in the future, but since this is the first summer i am not shredded to the bone, i will use all i can to just… feel better(its a psychological thing, i know, i am somewhat of a junkie).

Reason to drop tren is that i read people get sleep issues and sexual issues like - their brain responds differently and i can relate myself to that. Before this i just didnt think it was tren, but since i am on it for so long i really dont remember NOT being on it, so my first goal now is to quit it, hoping my sleep will improve, i wont get tren-dick, and maybe i wont look worse than i already do.
Just wanted to make this topic, so if i run into some problems, some of you can help and maybe some of you are just interested in how this turns out.

After i drop tren and summer blast is done, my goal is to drop mast and orals, lower GH. I would like to slowly ease into just test/eq and replacement dose of GH. If that goes well, maybe even drop down to some TRT for a while.
So today is the first day of my summer blast and also FIRST DAY i dont inject tren. Wish me luck. I will report as much as i can if there is something to report.


Probably a good plan.

Sounds good. I am very curious how your sleep and libido change once on TRT only. I bet there will be a significant improvement.

What were the dosages of your permablast compounds if you don’t mind sharing. Trying to wrap my head around it. After 6-8 weeks of Tren I was ready to come off.

My sleep is not too good, i usually wake up after 4-5 hours, then i need like 1-2 hours to fall asleep for one more hour. Sometimes its better, sometimes its worse, i really hope its tren and i will see some improvement soon.

My libido has always been ok, its just that lately i kinda think about it more and i think i have sex cause of momentum i have built up psychologically, because all my life i was crazy about that and i also had good 3-4 years of being a Tinder whore, so i think now i kinda just do the thing i am used to doing but sometimes i question if i really want to, or i just do it because my GF expects me to want to do it 3-4 times a day.
I remember some years ago i was waking up so horny it was actually hard to breathe, or that i enjoyed sex so much i sometimes came too fast. Nowdays nothing like that - i really LIKE female body, but im not sure as if i really want to have sex - its weird in a way, but i also blame it on my new training stress or getting a bit older OR being in a long term relationship. Its just that i read simmilar sympthoms about tren and maybe i just need to take it away and re-spark my hornyness. Will see.

I have done up to 2g of test and 1g of tren, different times, different dosages, i changed stuff if i figured out that i need to or just want to. As i said - i havent been on lower than 500mg of test for maybe even 12 years and i have never had issues so i never really tried doing less, but instead - i just did more or added something.
Im not 100% sure about the dosages as lately i have been doubting my earliest sources and it might have been i have been taking really underdosed shit, but anyway, i have a new dude that is legit and i have done around 1g of test and 700mg of tren thats legit for sure. No sides, as i mentioned before. Im just trying to quit tren now to see, maybe something feels better and “no sides” for me ment just that i was used to them so much i dont really know whats normal anymore.

Good luck. Ill be following. I can’t imagine this will be an easy transition.


The biggest challenge is to drop tren as i have grown an psychological addiction to it, as in - i believe it gives me strenght, so now when im actually strenght training, it would suck to know im even weaker than i tought. Its also an urban legend that tren makes you horny and since for at least a year i have been a bit off my game, i didnt wanna take it away as i felt i would be left with nothing in that depratment but reading more and more, it might be the other way around.
But thats why i decided no to wait till the end of summer, but drop tren now, mask it with other stuff i was going to do anyways, and maybe…i hope, i might not even notice it that much.

Anyways, my main goal is to FEEL better. So if i notice any improvement in my mood, sleep, sex drive - i will be completely happy. If i wont lose too much strenght it would be absolutely perfect.
No aesthetic goals as i plan to bulk up to 290 in a year, and then recomp forever, so now im not very lean or stuff, so thats not a problem at all.

Just beware of eq as it can have some impact to mood. I know a guy that recently dropped eq and he says he is feeling better off of it. I think he was running 300 / 700 test eq for the last couple years.

Some people report feeling good on Eq. Eq didnt change how i feel tho. Its either tren or its nothing IMO.

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is your estrogen near the bottom limit on that eq and mast dose with such low test?

I can relate, I had some stress related health issues physical and psychological some years ago and since then every time when I’m stressed, I’m feeling exactly like this. Before I could go all day but now I sometimes think once a day is really enough.

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No, EQ drops it maybe 10 units, mast does nothing for E2 at least not in my case. I will do some extra bloodwork to make sure tho, and if it does, i will post it here about if i make any changes.


Have another question for you regarding combat sport, wasn’t sure where to ask. I hope you don’t mind me asking on your thread.

In terms of real world practical application, is Brazillian Ju Jitsu at all worthwhile?

I ask because when I was younger and big into self defence (martial arts, not weapons) and the likes I was always told in the unforseen event wherein you simply cannot evade an attacker one was to never allow themselves to let the altercation “get to the ground”. Purportedly once an altercation makes it to the ground situational awareness may lack, you’re open to an attack from someone else.

However it seems as if part of this dogma may correlate towards how vulnerable one is to an attack. If you’re a boxer/practice primarily striking/kicking and you’re on the ground with someone pummeling you, you’re fucked. If you know how to grapple, this may not be the case.

I was wondering as in my days living in the USA I saw a couple interesting altercations a friend of mine and other guys who were trying to start shit (usually big guys, and my friend had a reputation as a good wrestler).

It’d typically go like this
A: “Big guy swings once or twice”
B: “Friend gets out of the way” (or if not friend comes in and takes the guy to the ground… Go straight to D: )
C: “Big guy charges at friend like a linebacker”
D: “Friend pulls some moves and has the big guy on the ground tapping out in like thirty seconds”.

If the dogma about bbj/wrestling not being effective in real world scenarios is true, how come my friend could submit untrained guys that had a good 30-40 lbs on him? I mean this friend of mind was very quick, you’d probably have less than a second to get in a good punch before he got you to the ground.

I suppose my question is. How effective is BJJ vs boxing vs Muay Thai vs judo etc. Is there a difference? Or does the grappling vs striking not really matter all that much?

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I do wish you luck hank. I really enjoy your posts here and look forward to reading about your new journey. I know I can’t offer you any advice but I can offer my friendship and moral support.

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As far as we speak self defense, none of sports are good for actual self defense.
As i always say - self defense starts when you exit your appartment. The fact that your friend DID LET himself get into situations that require force more than once in his life, menas that either he lives in very criminal area, or that he just lets himself get into those situations. Most problems can be solved by backing down, but people who do fight sports are trained to embrace their ego and test their skills 1v1.
So when a smaller guy comes at me and says : “i dont care that you are big, i can fuck you up” a fighter in me would say : “nope… you cant…”. But a self defense principle would ask for my answer to be more like : “sure you can, bro, i am just fat, i dont fight, im sure you are much better fighter than me, and i dont want to test it”.
A nice example of this is that in 6 years of teaching self defense classes, none of my students ever came to a class on monday with a black eye because of fighting on the weekend. In MMA classes i attended for years, it was a normal scene that some(more than one) guys would come with black eyes or missing teeth after their “fun” on the weekend.

The technical aspect of sports you mentioned also lacks self defense elements, as if you are a grappler, you should never go on the ground because if the attack is real(not measuring dicks) then there are always more than 1 dude, and there might be some waiting around the corner or in the car. You go on the ground, and someone else punches you in the face. I also saw a cool vid a few years back from a street camera, where a bodybuilder got in a fight with some skinny BJJ dude, and the small dude got him into an armbar very fast. The bodybuilder got a knife out of his pocket and stabbed the dude 5 times in the stomach with his free arm.
Grappling doesnt teach you how to get up fast if taken down. It sometimes teaches you the ooposite. Muay Thai is good, but in all my years of experience, i always have been able to teep any thai fighter in the balls. Because they defend roundhouses at leg level, and they hook teeps at midsection but a teep to the balls is in a range they have never trained.

In this case, almost every time a winner will be someone who has trained to anything. Even some Kung Fu bullshit would be better than nothing. A karate nerd vs a meth-head will have a big chance of winning anyways. Trained vs Untrained is always pretty clear cut IF the fight is dick measuring and actually 1v1. Anyways, 1v1 is NOT a self defense, its 2 idiots who allowed themselves to start that.
Not to offend, but your wrestler friend knows he can win and he lets himself get into problems because he feels safe and capable of winning. If the other guy has friends or a scredriver in his pocket, its over and the outcome is very ugly.
Trained at anything, will most likely win someone un-trained.
But BJJ against a dude who has a knife in his pocket is waaay worse than Muay Thai, for example where you can at least try a teep and run.

It is true that lots of street fights end up on the ground, thats why Krav Maga has lots of ground techniques, but a propper Krav Maga curiculum will never do chokes or submissions, but only switch possitions and get up fast the right way(footing and techniques how to get up safe in different distances from the attacker).

The problem with Krav Maga is that it has been made a money making machine and attracts 40yr old IT guys and housewives, so average Krav Maga practitioner is a complete shit, while average “sports” guy is much better as he is forced to be, due to every day sparrings in training.
After 3 years of Krav Maga or any fight sport, the sports guy wins 1v1 100% of time.
But again, 1v1 is not self defense, so when we risk that 1v1 becomes a grappler vs a dude who has a knife in his pocket, the grappler will go all in while my 40yr old IT dude will be scared shitless because he will be able to name 10 possible risks that can happen during that fight and he will just NOT do it.
I always say that for most people my classes or good for just SEEING how deep in shit they can get, so they are just smarter.
Idk how it is in USA, but inb my country most females still see the rapist as someone from Hill Have Eyes crawling out of a bushes in a park at night. They are surprised to know that statistically, 90% of rapes start in a situation where this woman has gone willingly(a Tinder date, a car ride, a hot guy inviting her over) and that the actual rapist most likely is someone she would actually seem as a viable partner(she just doesnt know he cant take NO for an answer).
So when we do grappling i speak about this alot, and in the end - its not that the girl will be better in grappling but that now she knows, where the shit can start and she will be more careful.

BJJ is very good against anyone else who knows it. Its also good 1v1 if you are ok on rolling on the ground where could be rocks and glass and syringes full of STDs.
Muay Thai is much better IF you know how to use it, as you can at least hit and run, or lowkick someone so they stay down and fuck off. That is why Krav Maga has all these elements, the only problem is that it takes much longer time to master because of amounts of topics we look at. Punching and kicking and defenses agains that are only 2 of at least 6 different topics, so actually practicing good strikes we do only 1/6th of the training month.

If id had to chose just one - kickboxing or muay thai, yes… But for self defense i believe you need to know as much as you can, because real problems you can get out of by backing down your ego, are always vs multiple attackers, armed ones, etc. None of the sports are good for this. In fact, in my experience - they are worse. Its much harder to train a good MMA fighter for self defense as it is to train an IT dork. The MMA dude “knows everything” and goes all in every time, and then just gets punched in the back of the head.
As i mentioned - its important to understand that 1v1 fights we see behind the bar are NOT self defense, those are dick measuring contests. A real self defense is a dude asking you for money, you telling him to fuck off and not knowing 2 other dudes wait you around the next corner. In that scenario, of course, it is bad for everyone but a Muay Thai dude cant even answer a tactical question on how to position himself and has never done even light 1v2 or 1v3 sparring.


Well stated. I was a wrestler in school and trained BJJ/MMA for a couple years. Even if I thought I could take a guy I would walk because there will be no positive outcome. If I win I’m likely going to jail at least in the interim or getting sued. Even if I didn’t start it. The US has turned into a mushy pussy country of blame everybody but the criminal. Cops especially are on the hook for everything despite people resisting arrest etc. if some guy took a swing first and I gave him a concussion or worse I guarantee I’m in trouble.


Should be noted my reasoning for these questions doesn’t stem from a perverse agenda to acquire skills and subsequently behave like an idiot looking for fights. Anyone who knows me will attest I’m generally very passive. Physical confrontation is something I generally shy away from as I’ve noted (real) fighting never ends well. Say 90% of the time one person ends up hurt, the other ends up hurt worse (for “dick measuring” contests that is).

When it comes to multiple attackers (or any attacker for that matter), I’ve always abode by the body of the thought one should be complicit if being mugged OR one should try run away. Regardless of skill/size, no one is going to somehow take out ten grown adults on their lonesome. For mugging, losing a cellphone/wallet that is presumably insured and taking an ego hit beats getting stabbed, savagely beaten or shot.

That being said, I’m no expert. My martial arts training (spanning over 5-7 years in total) started at a young age and ended a loooonnnng time ago. Only recently have I decided to get back into the game, shame I’m on TRT now though as I’d ever be able to enter like 95% of competitions. TRT is banned by WADA, I could get a therapeutic exemption but I’d have to come off for a prolonged period of time coupled with medical documentation to prove I “require” it (which would be feasible, but I don’t feel like running around with a TT of 200ng/dl). This is Australia, testosterone is one of the easily one of most stigmatised substances around here.

What you’ve specified more/less backs up what I thought. Any martial art, including BJJ is effective if you’re dealing with one (or perhaps two at a stretch) assailants. But getting on the ground is not an advantageous situation to be in when no rules apply (hence I’d assume the MMA “ground and pound” probably wouldn’t fare well either)

Perhaps the best art for “self defence” would be krav maga? it isn’t a sport, the tactics taught cannot be replicated in a ring/sanctioned event (eye gouging, groin kicks, throat punches etc). From what I’ve been able to decipher Krav Maga serves as a method of teaching people how to get out of a bad situation by any means possible (including situational de-escalation and running away)

I’m trying to figure out which discipline I wish to specialise in. I practiced boxing for a short duration of time and traditional karate for years, it appears as if I can still strike/throw a decent kick. Such practices aren’t new to me, but BJJ is something I’ve never done
before and appears to require more “strength” as well as technique.

We were around fourteen at the time, so yes, these situations usually were “dick measuring contests” aside from the one instance wherein some massive rugby (and American rules football) player charged him to prove being a linebacker equates to being a good fighter. From what I saw… it… doesn’t…

Same kind of belief appears to be omnipresent here (in Aus). I’m not around sexual violence a lot (thank god) but from the few instances wherein someone I knew fell victim to this kind of abhorrent barbarity the perpetrator was typically someone the individual knew on a casual/acquaintanceship style basis. To note, these acquaintances were almost always dodgy folk like drug dealers/of a persuasion that made one perhaps question the perpetrators character beforehand and the assault typically occurred behind closed doors as opposed to the typical “out in a park at night” scenario that eats everyone up at night. Otherwise it was sometimes a family member/family friend, I don’t know enough about this kind of shit though, I’m giving my anecdotal observations.

Does one need to compete in order to become a proficient striker? Or does technical sparring, bag work, drills and working on footwork/technique cut it? With grappling I’d imagine competitions are’t necessary as from what I’ve found 70% of the class is spent working on new moves and actually applying them, the other 30% of the class appears to be conducted of actual “rolling”, and some asshole training partners will actually fight as if they’re fighting off an attacker… But for striking, I can’t imagine you’d be able to replicate getting kicked in the ribs full force, bobbing and weaving (from actual strikes being thrown at full speed) or getting hit in the head outside of the ring.

I went to your IG. You are very strong and it is impressive for your height. I’d like to know if your strength drops off tren.

I can maybe attest to that. A guy I know was trained in BJJ and other martial arts from a very young age. When he got older he fought illegally all over Eastern Europe.

He once was out in my city on a Saturday night (at least this story is what I was told) and 5 guys jumped him with broken glass bottles and batons. He reportedly knocked out 3 of them, nearly killed one of them and the 5th guy ran after he saw what happened to his buddies. Supposedly, one guy reported to the police but there was a security camera directly at the entrance of the bar where this happened which corroborated his self defense claims. He got off free. He is not allowed to visit some clubs in my city (I can attest to that) as the bouncers (who are also from Eastern Europe) know his trainer and his father and know that if shit goes down, they can’t stop him.

I don’t know what is true, but I know he’s a very good fighter anyways.

I swear I hate this shit so much. “Self-defense” in Germany is even worse. You fucking can’t defend yourself without being in trouble. This is the reason I try to avoid fights as much as possible. I got an extremely bright career and future ahead of me. If I defend myself and bash someone’s head in, I’m going to prison and this is over.

You mean like underground boxing or non-sanctioned fights. The legality of the latter varies by state/country. I know where I live unsanctioned fights aren’t illigal by any means, they just don’t put a mark in your record (so if you win, it’s inconsequential, doesn’t help you go up the proverbial ladder).