Summer and Growth Spurt Project results?

Who has tried the GSP program, and with what results? I am looking for a get-big-and-ready-for-beach-season program for about 5 weeks before I do a little cutting. What has worked for you?
A little background - im 6’ tall 175lbs, and muscle doesn’t like to jump on me without a good fight. I want to carry more than 5 lbs of muscle by the time i cut, juice free. I have been training 4 years, 2 of them i consider pretty hardcore. The last 3 months have been too lazy… This has to be something a lot of us are thinking about anyways…gotta love beach weather.

Growth surge is great as well as ABBH, and really any solid program on this site.

For packing it on fast with the assistance of a PH I would say the Growth surge or Quatro Dynamo is the way to go.

…AND look up Berardi’s articles on diet, or just do a T-Mag search for “nutrition” and related topics. I’m guessing that, although you want more mass, it’s more LEAN mass that you want, so eating everything in sight for bulking purposes might not have the result you want, if summer shirtless weather is the goal.

Or am I misinterpreting your goal?