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Summer 2011 to Summer 2017. 140/150lbs to 175

In 2011 I decided to make a change for myelf when I was in florida

December 2011 I thought I Looked good after only a few months of doing Mike Chang workouts and 15 min ab videos lmao

It wasnt until 2014 where I really started to lift srsly and I got my first gym membership at Planet fitness. I clearly didnt know what i was doing still and I was too ignorant to listen to anyone and I trusted random workouts, no programming and eating whatever I want when I want would help. Couldnt even squat 275 for 2 or deadlift 225.

fast forward 2016 I got on a couple of 5x5 programs but hated the strictness they had and what I was FORC ED to do so I did brosplits and I over trained and got sick af. I dirty bulked like mad and Got fat and I didnt really look good without a shirt

Then i got into general strength in the beginning of 2017 and i slowly but surely started making gains I could have made years ago had I just listened and followed directions

This summer this is what I have gotten. I still have a lot to learn and a lot of progress to make since I technically have been lifting srsly for 2 years but I hope I can look back 5 years from now and hang with the big guys with a good body and awesome strength :slight_smile:

looks like you’re making good progress, and you’re finally on the right track. keep it up, congrats on the 405 deadlift.

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thanks man although my nutrition isnt 100% where I want it to be Im trying to discipline myself to try and meal prep although its really hard and time consuming

do you mind if I ask what’s so hard and time consuming about it? Basic cooking is truly not difficult at all. It’s not fun, but it’s not hard either. And what things are you doing in your life that prevent you from having that time available? I have a full time job, owning and running my own company, I have a 3 year old son, and I compete in Strongman. I do volunteer work outside of that. And I can promise you that I can find a couple hours on a Sunday night to prep meals for the week.

Here are some suggestions as far as meal prep goes…

  1. Crock pot. use it. You can cook larger quantities of foods, and the time you ACTUALLY spend doing cooking stuff is minimal. You throw your ingredients in, and let the pot do the work while you do something else.

  2. Cook a lot of meat at the same time. I like to grill, if you have grill access, you can cook all the meat you need for an entire week in about 20 minutes. Throw a bunch of chicken breasts, steaks, hamburger patties, whatever you need onto the grill and you’re set. And grilling is easy as fuck.

  3. No shame in frozen vegetables/sides. If you don’t want to cook from scratch, just use a bunch of pre-made, or frozen, sides. These can either be cooked in the microwave or over generally.

None of this is hard, but it requires THOUGHT and PLANNING. You need to go to the grocery store with a list. You need to know what you’ll be eating for the week. And you need to know how to prepare the food. But I can promise you, once you get in the habit of doing these things, meal prep will be a time saver, because you’ll just be microwaving every meal throughout the week rather than having to do any more real cooking, and you want spend time driving and order at restaurants either.

I work a lot off hours at a hospital and volunteer for my first aid squad. Thats pretty much it in terms of excuses that can get me out of meal prepping lol but I should. its just money’d a bit tight atm so I dont really have money for a crock pot but you’re right. its just finding the time and making it happen.

2 meals at mcdonalds would be enough money for a crock pot. You didn’t even price check crock pots before you posted this. You just decided you couldn’t afford it because you don’t want to make it happen. I went on craigslist and saw TONS of crock pots listed for 10-20 dollars.

Don’t make excuses. Tough love, my friend.

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alright you got me lol no excuses now you really got me feeling beta o I have to get one now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m taking your excuses from you because I used to make the same ones :slight_smile: You get to learn from my experiences and wasted years.

It’s nice for intermediate lifters like me to see experienced lifters and veterans like you take time of their day to give awesome advice. Seriously thank you for it !

I take a big pan twice a week and can cook 5 pounds of ground meat in it. Boil a box of rice and cook some potatoes in the oven while you do the other things. Eat fruit and veggies. It takes about an hour to cook all of that and about 30 minutes to get it in containers, etc.