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Summer 2009!


186 lbs
BF : ~8

Program : DC (1+ year)

I personally feel like bicep and hams need the most work, I may be wrong tough..


Front Double Bi


Hams + Calves


Lat Spread


Most Muscular


Quads ! (big improvment there but still needs some work)


Side Tricep !!


Not bad to me your triceps and calves look a bit behind, but i'm no expert.


Looking pretty good man, how do you set up your DC training?


i'd agree with that.

Great job, gave you a 7


I would have said chest and calves were lagging, but I gave you an 8.

Looks great! Keep it up!


Thanks for the feedback guys

As far as the DC routine goes..

A1 (upper)
Hammer strenght press 11-15rp
Upright row 15-30rp
Weighted dips 11-15rp
Hammer strenght chin 11-20rp
T-bar row 6-9ss + 10-12ss

A2 (lower + bicep + forearms)
Incline db curl 11-20rp
Pinwhell curls 11-20ss
Standing calf raise (machine) 10-12reps
Seated leg curls 15-30rp
Legpress 6-10ss +20ss widow

B1 (upper)
Decline barbell press 11-15rp
Hammer strenght machine press 11-15rp
Rev grip bench in smith 11-20rp
Hammer strenght pulldown 11-15rp
Deadlift 6-9ss + 10-12 ss

B2 (lower + bicep + forearms)
Standing ez-bar curl 11-20rp
Reverse ez bar curl 11-20ss
Seated calf raise 10-12ss
Lying leg curl 15-30rp
Squat 6-9ss + 20ss widow

C1 (upper)
Incline smythe press 11-15rp
Db shoulder press (hammer grip) 15-30rp
Close grip bench smythe 11-20rp
Close grip pulldown 11-20rp
Hammer strenght wide grip row 11-15rp

C2 (lower + bicep + forearms)
Preacher curl 11-20rp
Hammer curl 11-20ss
Leg press calf 10-12ss
Sumo press leg press 15-25ss
Hack Squat 6-9ss + 20ss widow

It looked something like that with some changes along the way..

(Upped the ranges when I was trying to lose fat but thats about it... and changed some exercises while progression was stalling)


Well whaddya know, your posing has gotten better, yay!!! lol except the back double bi, you still fucked that up :slight_smile:

P.S. I like the ass hanging out on the side tricep shot

nice work bud


Thank you sir !

As far as the back double bi goes, whats wrong with it? I would guess arms would need to be a bit higher and a bit more arched toward the back?


It's not as noticeable in the front double bi, but my guess would be you are still learning how to flex your lats when they are completely spread. I think you are still pinching your scapluea together some and it's bringing your arms down.

But yah, just concentrate on flaring your lats and try to keep your arms as close to a 90 degree angle as possible, it will make you appear infinitely wider.


Cool thx a lot


Up, cause I would like a bit more feedbacks !

Thx lol