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Summatime Posin'


aight the pics suck, hard to find the right lightin in my house.
damn lean (teenage thing)
worthwhile lifts are as follows
squat:315x1, 275 x 3
bench:185x6ish (i havent gotten around to focusin on it yet, it'll come)

obviously im ready for whatever, be it witty insults or angry (but constructive) criticism.


side tri 1


side tri 2


Does anyone read the sticky at the top of RMP?

EDIT: He's still posting pics my bad


a shitty most muscular


obviously no one does, and im sorry theyre not the right poses, sue me (or gimme a 1 its deserved)

somethin like a leg shot


just for you fuzzy :stuck_out_tongue:


Shit yeah!!! ^^^big fat 10 right here bud!


haha damn id be a prime catch in prison


Chest lagging a lot


Your chest makes me cry. When you bench Pause at the bottom and explode up. That should help since pec's are most used in the bench at the bottom.

And Srsly dood u been hear since October yet you still post a pic of yourself in this sub-forum what gives?

You know this thread should be in performance thread but you still think its appropriate to post it in here. Retard. I hope everybody flames you and gives you no advice.


this is the internet, and your a prick. if i continue gettin bigger, this thread will be a testament to where i was and what hard work will do. if i fail, i'll just fade away.

edit thanks for the heads though, the performance forum looks tight


Caved in, I think is the term. Gotta quit worrying about your abs and eat and try to put on 20-30lbs.


Not too shabby. Keep doing what you're doing and eat more!


time to cut big boy.


Your hips are widder than your lats. That looks really odd. You need to bulk.


hourglass figuer


I say chest really needs work. optheta gave you good advice! You are young heavy bench will open that rib cage up.Try super setting your bench with push ups. Mixs the type of push up. Good luck!


I get the urge to reach out and squeeze that last picture.


what the FUCK?