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Summary of Proceedings of Atlanta T-cell meeting

To all those who were not able to make it yesterday, the following is summary of proceedings of the first T-cell meeting, Atlanta, Georgia - Thursday January 16

  1. creating a web site for our group, so people can exhange messages with each other (i.e. Yahoo Groups)

  2. organizing a monthly meeting to discuss our progress, exchange ideas, advice and training/nutrition information

  3. organizing a quarterly seminar (getting somebody from the t-mag community to come here and speak to us, if possible)

  4. doing bulk order purchases of Biotest…

  5. arranging group or partner workouts, if possible.

Any other suggestions, feel free to let me know. YOu can reach me via posting a message here or contact me by going to back issue 241, then to “Reader Mail” and scroll to bottom, where my letter and phone number is.

We had a great beginning and look forward to more involvement and great things. Thanks

Hey Lorne! Great idea having a Yahoo Group. Look forward to seeing all that goes on in Atlanta. Are there any T-men or T-women in the Suwanee area? Anyone training up here and wants to workout together (I’m using Berardi’s ‘Making of a T-Man’ program now)?

Hey Lorne, sorry I couldn’t make it for the meeting. Sounds like y’all came up with some great ideas, though. How often do you plan on having meetings? I will definitely make the next one.

You guys kick ass.

Wow. Amazing job!!! Very kewl. Lorne, so great talking to you the other night - thanks for calling! And, man, we gotta get the NW T-cell/pack/group going!!! (hear that Ike?)

This makes me want to relocate to Atlanta! Dang, I’m jealous! :slight_smile:

I was able to attend the meeting and it was great to finally meet Lorne. Lots of good ideas and looks like a great start for the Atlanta Tcell. Thanks for taking the initiative to get things started Lorne.

Sooooo…What’s ya’lls favorite CD?

Great stuff! To add, maybe a list of the hardcore gyms in the area so when people come by to visit they know where to go. Croooz

Simply Outstanding!

How many people did you get to show for that first meeting?

(Hey…any chance of getting Michael Vick to “Join The Nation”??? Hey…you NEVER know!!!)


-Hell- yeah. Let’s do it. I’m down with it, within the next few weeks. Any of the (at least) next three weekends is good for me. Let’s make this happen! (I’ll be emailing you.)