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Suitcase Barbell Deadlift

I did these last night for the first time in a long time. They kick ass, and it seems to be a whole lower body workout. Also seems to kick my ass with cardio because I’m huffin and puffin afterwards. It also takes good balance with heavier weights. Anyways my legs are beat up after them and lookin forward to next week and upping the weight. I did these as part of big boy basics by CW and replaced the dumbell deadlifts with these.

Anyone ever do these? and do they tax more than just the hamstrings because it feels like it.

I’ve used them (also called side deadlifts) numerous times. They work great for your forearms/grip, legs, obliques and traps.

I’ve done them and felt they were great for your spinal erectors, however I didn’t think they were as good as their big brother the standard deadlift. These are a great supplement exercise IMO, one that everybody needs to try at one point.