Suitable Routine For a Boxer?

Hi, im going to start boxing again in a few weeks and have designed a regime. I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether or not it is suitable for boxing and adivise me on how i could improve it.

It currently looks like this:

3x5 squat
3x5 bench press
1x5 deadlift
2x8 dips

Boxing training (about 2 hours- involves circuit training, pad work, bag work, plyometrics)

3x10 one arm dumbell swings
3x8-12 clean and jerks (will eventually lift heavier with this one, but wanted to start light since i’ve never done it before).
3x10-15 - One arm dumbbell snatches

Boxing training (same as tuesday)

3x5 Squat
3x5 Standing military press
3x5 Bent-over barbell Rows
2x max wide-grip pull ups

2 mile run (800M repeats)

Sparring class (warm up followed by several rounds of light sparring)

i’ve boxed before for a short time but didn’t really get into it. Well i’ll be on this routine once i go to uni in a few weeks. However right now i don’t want the routine to be overly strenuous since i’ll be quite busy with uni work. Also because i’m just getting back into it after a long break (currently doing some basic lifting and cardio 5x a week after 2 months of doing f-all.

I would appreciate any help given and please do criticize it if you think somethings is unsuitable.

thanks in advance

The weight lifting looks pretty good. Just don’t set it in stone, and give it a good change from time to time.

Are you doing any other road work besides the Saturday run? You may want to add some early morning conditioning work on either the boxing days or the gym days.

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