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Suitable Replacement For Step Ups


I'm looking for a suitable replacement for stepups. I am on one of Alwyn's programs that requires stepups and my gym doesn't have a good place to perform these. I thought before that Bulgarian split squats would work only the program I am on has stepups and Bulgarion split squats supersetted. I am not sure what movement to use. I thought maybe lunge but it just doesn't seem to have the same effect. Maybe doing something like Bulgarian split squats but with one leg in front intstead of behind?


reverse lunges with the front foot elevated


Walking lunges would be good.


If I'm not mistaken, step ups are considered a hip dominant unilateral movement. In that case, you could perform single leg back extensions or single leg romanian deadlifts. But, why not just step up onto a regular flat bench? It's probably not as high as you're looking for but I don't see how that'd affect it too much.

If you're just looking for a unilateral movement then lunges, reverse lunges, pistols, split squats, or single leg squats (all quad dominant unilateral) would be fine.


I like the suggestions so far and I'm not sure why I won't just stand up onto a bench. I guess I feel kind of rude doing that. I suppose I need to get over that. Pretty much what I was looking for was a unilateral movement that had hamstring and glute emphasis to superset with Bulgarian split squats.

By the way it really came up as a non issue in my leg work last night because Alwyn is a sick sick man and I'm a bit of an idiot. Waaay overdid it on my Squats, and didn't have much to give for the rest of my workout. So when I finally came to the unilateral work I was draggin' ass big time but still managed to get a couple of supersets in.


The way I look at it is that it's a gym. People should already know that they're going to get dirty and sweaty before they come in there. Now, if you were stepping on someone's bed with workout shoes then that'd be different.