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Suit Pants/Thighs TOO Big

Hey y’all…

I was shopping for a suit yesterday, and everything I tried on, the pleats on the pants would be pulled out by my thighs. Now I’m not that big, but really, what the hell does everyone on this site do when they need a new pair of pants, or a suit? I tried the ‘athletic’ cut too, with a little bit larger thigh… to no avail. With a 32" waist, I have to wear a 34 or 35 to keep the pleats from being pulled out.

I guess at the same time, it’s nice to know that all these squats and deadlifts have started to pay off!

So what’s a T-Man to do? what to y’all do when you enoucnter this problem?

and finally, I’d like to bitch a little about this, in third person. As someone who doesn’t think that his legs are very large (nor strong), why the hell can’t he fit into what is supposed to be baggy pants? How patheticlly unbuilt is the average guy who these damn things are made for? Okay… venting done.

I have it much worse. I wear a size 52 suit jacket and that naturally comes with a 50"+ waist for the pants which means I have to get them tailored all to hell before I can wear them. That usually makes the pants looks like crap so I end up buying new pants that match. I walked into an Old Navy simply because I was bored last week and realized that this store makes nothing in my size unless I can cut the sleeves off of a rare XXL shirt and use it to train in. Try finding a 19.5" neck for a dress shirt without having to go to a big and tall store (of which there are none in my immediate area). You actually have it pretty easy. I couldn’t fit more than one foot in a size 32 dress pants leg.

I have the same problems. I don’t think I have big legs, but have to go to a 40 waist of a baggy jean to get my legs into them and end up with the waist all bunched up. For some reason dress pants almost fit better. I go up to a 38 inch waist in them to get the legs to fit and they seem fine. I wear a 56 Long suit coat. Try finding one of those. I went into a nice men’s store a few weeks back to see what they had, it was new to the area, and saw very few XXL, almost all shirts were XL only. I wear a XXXTall or XXXXTall most of the time. The guy came over and asked if he could help and I asked where they kept the non-metrosexual sizes. He turned and walked away. Buying clothes sucks for the most part. It sucks because I bust my ass in the gym to look good, but then nothing fits. Thank goodness for Dillards Big and Tall, otherwise I would never find any dress shirts. I end up with a lot of extra around the waist but at least the shoulders and arms fit.

Join the club.

Find a good tailor in your area… ask business class people and you’re bound to find a good/inexpensive one.

RIT Jared

Try being a girl and having to deal with this!! If the jeans/pants don’t stretch, then there’s no way they fit around my legs- unless I buy them 2 sizes too big for my waist. (Not attractive!)

I wear a lot of skirts…I guess that’s not an option for you guys, so I feel for you. :o)

I feel your pain. As a 6’3", 406 pound powerlifter, I’m not exactly skinny. But I take a 64 or 66 jacket to fit over my shoulders and arms, and my waist is like 46. A 66 suit comes with 62 pants!!! I have to have anything like that custom tailored to fit. No way around it. Dockers, jeans, etc., I buy a couple sizes big and try to keep them up with a belt (I have no ass to speak of, so everything is always falling down).

And, the 62 pants are still tight on my 26" calves. Buying clothes sucks. I can only shop at big and tall stores, and they don’t even carry shirts that will fit. I need a 22" neck, and a 39" sleeve. That is like a 7XL shirt. I look like I’m wearing a circus tent. My body is about a 4XL.

Big guys are all expected to be fat. No muscle, just fat. If I ever get the cash I’m starting up my own company to make some stuff that actually fits.

I have always run into this problem since I was a young child. I was always the biggest kid (fat), but because I walked with my dad all the time I had knees (LOL) and big thighs and calves. I actually have to buy a suit now for a Christening I need to go to, and I think luckily I can still fit ok into athletic cut suits so hopefully I don’t run into what everyone else is having problems with
In all honesty someone should come out with a line of clothes for built individauls, and I don’t meanthe cut up sweatshirts and tank tops either.

[quote]RIT Jared wrote:
Join the club.

Find a good tailor in your area… ask business class people and you’re bound to find a good/inexpensive one.

RIT Jared[/quote]

I agree with you, once you find a good tailor, befriend him/her. They can make you look really good in your clothes. If you are the type of person who likes to look sharply dressed it’s your best option.

When I try to buy suits or whatever, the tops that fit my shoulders look really baggy around the midsection. Thus, making anything I try on look like a really short mumu. Pants are also another nightmare.

There are companies that specialize in clothes for the bodybuilder. The only problem is they have a limited selection.

So, just find whatever suit fits you, even if it’s a little baggy in the wrong places. Then take it to a tailor and have them alter it to show off your…assets!!

Lori Rheingold had a line of clothes (Rheingold Fashions) that did just that – FIT. Unfortunately, due to legal problems, she ended up losing her business (I don’t have the details, but it had to do with a family member who helped finance her start up becoming a jack-ass). She thought she might be able to open up again under a new name at some point, but now almost 9 months later I haven’t heard boo about it. And, sorry to say, that was the last place I found that had NICE clothes that FIT. Hannibal is defunct (for almost a year, their website said “coming soon” and then just dosappeared altogether). Lori’s business was in Poughkeepsie (hopefully I spelled that right, I’m in Washington for cripes sake), NY. So you might be able to look her up. She’s also training. She might be able to scare something up for you if you ask real nice, and don’t mind paying for it up front. I can say that her stuff was first rate, classy, and that she’s a great gal.

Other than that, I have no suggestions.

I have the same problem except my pants are usually tight in the crotch.

[quote]drryan wrote:
I have the same problem except my pants are usually tight in the crotch.[/quote]

Damn man!! You must be packing some serious sirloin!!

I have to wear alot of suits for my job. I have a hard time finding a size that fits me as well and typically have to buy the suits as seperates instead of as a set. I need a 50 athletic cut jacket and a 34 waist pant. I can’t buy a suit as a set beacause to get a 50 athletic cut suit the pants as a set would be like a 44 waist or bigger. Good luck finding the suits other than as seperates.

Yeah… part of the fun. I am stuck at this point in a similar predicament. My waist is 33, my hips… 43. Yeah, so uh, I have the crotch problem too. It’s all the same. Only shorts I can wear are athletic but as far as pants go. I am pretty pissed because I had built up a nice little wardrobe, have about 20 pairs of shorts and 10 pairs of just casual pants that I’ve only had for a year or so and now none of them fit except at the waist. I broke my toe though so I have been off my feet for a week or so now. I was hoping my bottom would shrink so that my top could catch up during the injury but so far no such luck. On one hand, I really don’t feel like buying a new wardrobe but my shit just doesn’t fit anymore, and I really don’t want to give up all my leg musculature… I busted my ass for that.

It’s a tough place, and I too was thinking that there would be an interest in a clothing line of that sort. Something to put on the back burner. Anyone have any brands for casual wear (I’m in highschool/college so uh, nothing “professional”) or do I just have to start buying huge waists?

Right now my quads are only about a lean 30" and my waist a 34, but when I was a full time thrower they were 32" and my waist was a 34". My pants looked ridiculous. I took two years off from training legs with the hopes that they would go down a little, they did, and the strength levels are back to where they should be. Sweeeeeeet!

[quote]CU AeroStallion wrote:
I was shopping for a suit yesterday, and everything I tried on, the pleats on the pants would be pulled out by my thighs.[/quote]

I don’t like pleats for exactly this reason, so I stick with flat front.

As far as alterations go, I spent a few months studying and practicing so I could make them myself. Granted, you feel a little gay when you suddenly realise you can effectively critique clothing designs, but it’s a great way to pick up women – plus, I save a boatload of money on alterations. It’s nice when you can buy off the rack and not only custom-fit the garment, but also fix any flaws there might be in it.

I keep telling myself I’ll just start from raw material and make my own suits one day, but I haven’t been able to find the time. It’s also really difficult to find a consistent source for shot silk, unless you’re buying it in obscene quantities.

See now, i would have this problem, as i have large legs (alot by weights, but mainly by genetics) on my 32 inch waist…

however, when your dad is a fashion designer for neiman marcus and works along side some of the industries best i know exactly where to turn to for world class tailoring…

(ok so im rubbing it in, how the hell else am I supposed to brag about my dad? he’s half my height and size, at least he can put a suit together! i owe the man a lil shout out at least)

will you tell him to start designing some stuff that will fit people who don’t sit on their sorry ass 24 hours a day? That could be a lot of help for all of us!

  1. If theres 1 near you Joseph A. Banks sells separtae jackets and pants
  2. Get a good tailor. i take a size 50 jacket -the pants that come with could fit 2 of my waists. A good tailor can re-cut the pants without makingthme look 2 bad

So does anyone know of any good brand of jeans to try for those of us with thighs too large for our waist? I can not imagine that anyone is taking jeans into a tailor, and I am tired of using size 34 jeans on my 32 waist and still feeling like the thighs are too tight.

I buy Levis Silvertab, either Baggy fit, or Carpenter those seem to have enough give for my legs