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I'm wondering what kind of program is best to build functional muscle for sports along with increasing strength.
Do you think it would be advisable to use programs like wendlers 5 3 1 and sheiko? since these are more powerlifting orientated and not bodybuilding. what do you recommend?



Wendler 5/3/1

Do it. Become big and strong.


What are your stats?

Time lifting:

It helps other know your limits and where you stand at now.


been lifing for about a year
bench - 80kg 5x5
squat - 140kg 5x5
deadlift - 150kg 5x5

hope that helps, haven't calculated 1rm in some time as i've been doing a 5x5 type program.



Okay good your lifts are pretty decent after a year of lifting. You'll find out from a lot of people most of the muscle is made in the kitchen. I would even go as far as 80% of lean muscle gain comes from the kitchen. Don't get me wrong training is just as important but when it comes to nutrition it should never be over looked. I would suggest trying to find a decent 3,500-4,000 calorie diet to add weight to your frame.

You'll find that once you start eating more your weights in the gym will rise quickly. If your not doing so already look into a decent meal plan that consist of eating 5-6 times a day.


thanks for the advice. I understand the importance of diet and have a good idea of what i'm doing here. I'm more interested in seeing what kind of gym program i can use that will not be beneficial for my sporting ability. i.e adding strenght and functional muscle.

thanks again.


A good program would be the 5/3/1 as many will state for you to do. I had a friend do it and his strength have gone up quite a bit. But typically any kind of bodybuilding program will add mass and strength if that is what your looking for. One would be Big Beyond Belief program. Smalltobig was a noob to weight training and did this program with much success.

OTS Big Beyond Belief Program: Forum


i swear to god, if you mention 'functional muscle' one more time in this thread i'm going to punch you in the face.


LOL I didn't want to say anything at first but no need now.