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suit for deads?

my sumo is probably around 475-490.
conventional maybe a little less.

my weak point is definitely out of the hole. if i can get that weight off the ground–then its coming all the way up. ive never failed on a weight that ive managed to get off the floor.

what am i going to see if i use a suit?

what do you guys think for supplemental work. im already doing box pulls (which are great). anything else you suggest.

also, ive only ever lifted raw. i tried using a belt and it just fucked me up. im sure if i learned it it would help. will it help me out of the whole as well (im pretty lean so i dont have alot of gut to push out against the belt)?

thanks guys,
ryan b.

ps. i maxed out on my bench the other day at what i thought was 290 but i fucked up and loaded an extra 10lbs on the right side. so i just “barely” missed 300. ill be good for 290 next ME day.

I use speed pulls for out of the hole. 50-60% 1rm singles for speed. I also found wide stance low box squats have helped my start.


I would suggest purchasing Inzer’s deadlift suit if you plan on competing. It really keeps you tight in the starting position, and once you break the ground, it’s no problem getting up.

A suit may do something, it may do nothing. Depends on where you set your hips. If you set them high, probably not much. If you start with your hips low, you will probably get some pop. But then you will find your next mini max pretty quickly, so determining poundage is difficult. You probably already know this, but sometimes it helps to hear things from someone else. Consider this a rhetorical statement. If you are having trouble off the floor, often this is a biomechanical issue. Make sure you are forcing your knees out hard throughout the lift, starting at the top before you drop to set your grip. One can develop a tendency to allow their knees to drift in out of the hole which sets off a chain reaction that makes the pull much harder than it should be. It can make a night and day difference as to how weight feels coming off the floor. Good luck.

Also, consider the difference between a sticking point and just a weight that’s too heavy. Just because I cannot pull 650# off the ground doesn’t necessarily mean that my start is my “sticking point.”

If the start is your sticking point, the above sounds decent.


with a suit you will see an increase in your ME deadlift. But then you have to ask yourself if that is really what you want. Say you put on the suit… you pull an even 525. That’s all you can say-- “I pulled 525, in a suit.”

You can’t compare apples and oranges.

I find that the traditional methods have always worked with my DL. I work with 70-80% of my 1RM, 5 x 5. As the reps get easier, my max goes up. I too rarely miss a lift that comes off the ground. Therefore, train from the ground, to improve from the ground. Rack pulls will not help your performance from the ground-- they will help your performance from the rack.


If you’re gonna compete in a respectable fed, do everything within the fed’s rules to compete, i.e. wear a suit if it gives you a boost.

Screw non-competing naysayers.

jared has never competed obviously. Doing 5x5 aint gonna do shit for your max deadlift. Not compared to speed pulsl against bands or just about anything else.

If you pull sumo a suit may help you more than if you pull conventional. Definitely learn to use your belt. Hell its not rocket surgery. Take a deep breath into your belly. Hold it and push out against your belt. Dont breath into your lungs. Into your belly. Push hard into your belt and dont let go. Now for the suit. Ive used the metal v squatter for both my conventional and sumo deadlifts. I didnt notice much with either. But here are a few pointers. Take a breath like mentioned before. Now bend over and grab the bar. You will probably have to pull yourself down to get into position to pull. Once you do this, drop your hips fast to get some rebound out of the suit and then pull like hell.

If you’ll notice, I said that “I find that the 5 x 5 works for me.” I am not, nor do I pretend to be a competitive lifter, and I am not saying that it will work for him. My ME raw deadlift is 535 @ 189lbs b/w. Which is certainly not competitive, at least in my weight and age class, however I do know a thing or two about training. It is still unknown what Ryan’s goals are. He may not be interested in competitive lifting either.

Would you agree in saying that there really is no need to own or use a suit unless you plan on competing?

I’d agree!

Well if hes interested in a suit my guess would be yes.

thanks for the replies guys. yes, i was thinking of competing in a push/pull meet. obviously i would want to use a suit/belt if everyone else in the meet were also using suits/belts.

i start with my hips pretty high when lifting conventional (my upper body is angled at about 45degrees–maybe a little less), so i dont get much drive from my quads.

as far as the belt goes: i know its not rocket science (thanks goldberg:) im just not used to it at all. it feels really wierd pushing “out” with my stomach. i always just “brace”–thats why i have had difficulty with a belt in the past; because i have to think about it too much. still, ill start working the belt into my workout and see how much it helps.

thanks again guys,
ryan b.

just use your belt for speed deads. its really not difficult. just breath in your belly and dont let go.