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Suit for Conventional Deadlift


I have a Superior suit (Victor) on its way, but i was wondering what is your suggestions for the best suit for conv deadlift. I start very low, legs parrlel to floor, and use alot of leg drive. Thanks for your help.


I have personally tried the metal pro DLer and it works great for conventional (my old style) as well as semi-sumo (my new style due to gut growth :wink:. Inzer is coming out with a new DLer similiar in design to the Metal DLer but don't know how it works. A training partner of mine has the old Marathon DL suit but I don't think they make them anymore. Ernie Frantz also makes a damn good poly DLer for conv. pullers which has an innovative design.

Pete Arroyo


Single ply?

If so check out Titan's conventional deadlifter.

They have the conventional and sumo models.

Some of the guys on my team also just turn their squat suits around to get support.


that superior suit i have coming is a squat suit. What do you mean turn them around. Inside out or what.


They wear it backwards.

I don't think it matters with a superior.