Suit Crotch Seating & Rack Height

Thanks for all the advice in my last thread re: Competition Attempts.

I tried the one-size-too-big Z-suit on this morning. It is a little loose over the shoulders, but that is easily fixed. I can either grow bigger traps or have the straps taken in.

My first question relates to seating the crotch of the suit. Should I have the crotch firmly seated with the legs up as far as they will go, or should I try to get the legs down, given that they won’t ride up no matter where they sit?

I had a lot of trouble making depth with 180kg until I really yanked the legs up into place. Then I was making depth a little too easily (I thought). It’s hard to tell what to do because the suit is a little too big, and theoretically I should be able to make depth a little too easily in it.

My second question relates to what height to set the rack for competition? Specifically, will an IPF-sanctioned event use a standard Olympic bar or will they use a more rigid bar? How much of a ‘lip’ will the pins on the rack have? Or does this vary from venue to venue?

As I understand it, I have to nominate rack height at weigh-in, but I am a complete noob here. I’m guessing they don’t let you adjust rack height during the comp?

In the suit, I couldn’t unrack anything today without some assistance to get over the lip of the pins. The bar was still sitting below the lip when I stood up.

Usually you can check your rack height before or after you weigh in and make your choice on the day. That’s what most people have to do…

As for the suit, if you the crotch down low it’ll make hitting depth harder, AND make the suit harder to control. Well that’s the case with heaavier duty suits, not too sure about the Z.

You can adjust the height during the comp, I had to do this once lol… F*** me! anyway,

Since you have a loose one, the suit should pull itself into the correct position if it’s too low down. The crotch should be pretty high up, and the legs should be as far up as they need to be for the crotch to be seated properly. Don’t want too many folds/wrinkles in the legs, that means you have it too far up imo.

for a loose suit, get the crotch all the way up and get comfortable (your boys will learn to retreat on their own in time),

like the other guys said, you can check rack height before or during the weigh-in
for many people, as the weight gets heavier and the bar bends, the rack height might need to be changed, and they will let you change it as much as you want

as for the bar, count on a texas power bar…it is the closest to the bars that the USAPL will use without actually having a Q-bar or an Elieko…contact your meet director and they should tell you what they are using so if you have the means, you can practice with it

Thanks guys, that helps a lot. I’m really glad I can adjust rack height during the comp.

I think I seated the crotch correctly, but had the legs too far up. I hit depth without too much struggle after I did that, so I might wear it like that for my first meet then work on getting more pounds out of it later.

I still got at least 10lb carry-over in training, and if I hadn’t chickened out and cut my last lift a bit high I would have got 20lb on my previous raw pr.