Suit Coats

All right, this question is for all you that buy suit coats. I am sure some of you have the same problem I do. I have to buy a size 50 to fit my shoulders and chest, but have a 36" waist, so I have too much coat near the waist. Also, the coats are way to tight on my upper arms, I can’t fully bend at the elbow, because the sleeves are too tight.
Any insights on where to get good fitting coats without spending a fortune? Thanks.
In faith,

Welcome to the club.
Most stores sell what they call an athletic cut. That is a drop of about 8" (difference between chest and waist).
I go to JC Penny’s and buy separates. That way I can buy the right size pants and get an athletic cut jacket which I have tailored further.
Best of Luck.

 I know exactly what you mean. While I havent had to buy suit coats, I just have a harder time fitting my regular clothes to my body.

 I just take them to the cleaners where they usually adjust the clothes for me (you know tighten up the waist that came with wide shoulder shirt or coat, and so on). They do a pretty good job too.

I have this problem with dress shirts. I’ve come to the conclusion that most shirts are made for people with 42 inch waists. At the men’s warehouse, they told me that DKNY shirts are tapered at the waist, but I think he just wanted me to spend the extra money. Tailoring at the dry cleaners…gonna have to look into that.