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Suing Spammers?



In a free society should sending spam (marketing) emails be considered a crime?

It seems to me unless a person is hurt by spam it cannot be considered a crime. The only possibility I can see is if someone owns the email exchange servers on which the emails must be stored. In that case I can see an argument for it. However, it is usually not individuals that are hurt by spam but rather, for example, companies like Google who own massive abounts of email storage space.

If this is true, then could each of us sue junk mailers for the same reason since we must pay for its disposal?


There is a lawyer in NoCal who does nothing but sues for Handicap law ADA stuff.

Many many small businesses who were around several years have had to shut down or face rebuilding for tens of thousands, or pay him 5k. Most pay 5k.

It's legal extortion. I personally know 4 business owners who have been hit with this.



Ouch! This is an other issue. Should someone be able to sue on behalf of someone else who saw no personal damages to his or her property?


wasted time equals damage


Then anyone should be able to sue anyone else that wastes an other person's time.

Besides, time cannot be owned. No one can claim damages for his or her time.


Any body can sue any body for any reason , I pay you for your time I own that time. I think it is a fair point ,A lot of people charge their employer by the hour , just as a lot of businesses charge hourly rates


A couple of points: people get paid to produce a certain good not "for their time" regardless of how they are compensated for it. If I could sue anyone for my "lost" time then I could make a class action suit on the public highways every time I have to sit in traffic on my way to work. Plus that is extra wear and tear on my auto.


If I could sue for wasted time, 75% of T-Nation posters would be writing me checks. Now, what's that lawyers phone # again? Ha


In RE: to Lifty and Big Lifter , you are thinking one at a time , if you have thousands of employees wasting 10 minutes a day . To sue people on the free way you would have to find out who is responsible and that it was not for the good of every one . As far as suing T-Nation , you would have to prove that T-Nation forced you to waste your time


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